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The Art Institute (Ai), which is an educational institution and provides assistance in not only learning different Media but career counseling as well, has developed their own website for students and staff. It can be used to register for courses which are to be taken online, find information about other courses, check examination results and make cash deposits or payments. The staff and faculty members can also use it to see through courses, deliver online lectures and get information about pays etc. Other than that, students also have access to the email system and web space through this site. If you want to learn more about the Art Institute and how to make an account and use it through, check out the following details.

The Art Institutes

The Art Institutes are a collective system of colleges and are independent, providing different diverse courses like fashion, media, culinary courses and design programs. These collages are spread over more than 30 locations and there are a variety of campuses. One such Art Institute is present in Philadelphia and has its own personal website too, other than the common student portals of the Ai system. The school offers varying qualifications like bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, associate’s degree and certificates for short courses and diplomas in creative, applied, visual and culinary arts.

Other than the above-mentioned programs, the Art Institutes also offers courses such as quality education, Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, Fashion Design, Advertising, Audio Production, Industrial Design Technology, Interior Design, Media Arts and Animation, Graphic Design, Web Design and Interactive Media etc. More specifically, the Art Institute of Philadelphia also has Culinary Arts diploma and Baking and Pastry courses. For boosting the confidence of students and for their proper guidance and counseling, this school has Skill Enhancement programs for English, Math among others.

The Institutes are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and a helping staff of teachers and assistants who are always ready to guide and assist students, throughout the course of their education. One such example is again of the The Art Institute of Philadelphia which has a photography studio, post-production facilities, online service bureau, fully equipped computer labs, editing rooms for audios and visuals, a supply store, art galleries, a restaurant in which students are instructed by trained chefs and many more.


As mentioned previously, there are around 31 Art Institute schools and 25 of these are non-profit facilities which are run and managed by Dream Center Education Holdings, LLC, since October 17, 2017. And another six were acquired by the foundation recently i.e. on January 20, 2018. The campuses are located in the following areas:

Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Charleston, Chicago, Colorado, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, California – Hollywood, Indianapolis, Michigan, California – Inland Empire, Las Vegas, Miami, Tennessee – Nashville. California – Orange County, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, California – Sacramento, San Antonio, California – San Diego, California – San Francisco, Illinois, Seattle, Tampa, Virginia Beach, Washington etc.

The Art Institutes Reviews

On the website, the institute received approximately 142 reviews and 145 of the reviewers said that the school had good quality education and recommended it for interested applicants, and 18% were of the opinion that after graduation, the degree from the institutes helped them in their careers. But there were some other reviewers who were quite happy with it. The voiced their concerns regarding the quality of education and the increased amount of debt loaded onto the students. There were suggestions, and respondents from the Institutes also apologized and said that steps were being taken.

Student Portals

For proper guidance and help for students and staff, the Art Institutes have created a student portal which is Variety of tasks can be done through the website and users can create and design their own websites too with supported ad-blocker from the portal. also provides email inbox and examination results and transcripts are also made available for the students, once they are announced.

Registration at

Myaicampus | The Art Institutes

For those who are using the portal for the first time and have to register for their chosen courses, that are available on first-come, first-served basis, they have to create a new account. Everything should be registered carefully for having an improved experience. For starters, follow these steps to create an account:

  1. Open your search engine and search for
  2. When the page opens, click on the “New Student” option.
  3. Then enter your Students ID number or Social Security Number (SSN) in the provided space.
  4. Type your first and last name which should be the same as that of the school account.
  5. Choose the location of your specified campus into the campus list. If the exact location is not given, you should contact the Registrar’s Office of your campus to get info about when the site would be available for your campus.
  6. Submit it in the end.
  7. For creating the account, give your accurate credentials like Student ID, Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Email, and Program and review them. Once you verify then click “Continue”. If the information is not right then select “Chat Live Now”.
  8. Select an appropriate Username, as it would be used to give you a student email address and a URL of a website.
  9. Choose a secure and safe password, which is easy to remember.
  10. You will be asked three security questions, which will help you to secure and get back your account in case of any trouble.
  11. Verify the selected username. If you want to continue with it, choose “Yes, use this username” or if you are not satisfied click “No, I’d like to change it” and form one of your choices.
  12. The account would be then created. Use the username and password to log in.

Updating the Profile

After creating the profile, when you log in for the first time, select “Microsoft Office 365” on the homepage to activate your account. Once you do that, the student email account will also be activated by itself. Next, go to the upper right-hand corner of the page for My Campus Alert page or Update Profile, and add your student information by going through the instructions given next.  You will update the communications preferences which would be used for contact by school administration during any case of emergency.

This would be the last step of completing the student portal. The features would be ready to use for you now. Features:

The website has same features as the conventional ones but here are some of the few up gradations:

More Updated Information and Less Mess:

The design of the website enables easy navigation among the different sections and easy to identify tabs. Information from various sources is provided at one location.

Enhanced Design:

The new design has the Ai colors and configuration similar to that of the other student portals with same marketing, merchandise, and promotional stuff.

News Section:

On the homepage, you can find the news section which will have the news of considerable importance highlighted. All the events for the campuses are added on time and you can search through the top 5 stories as well. Ai InSite tab will let you through the additional news.

School Calendar:

You can also get the School Calendar on the main window which will guide you about all the upcoming events as well as the important dates for the specified campuses.

Easy Access:

You can access online library, lectures, and online courses as well as the student email by logging into the website.

Useful Links:

You can find helpful links for further assistance in the Quick links tabs or Forms and Documents tab on the homepage, under the Student Resource Center section.  For financial help, links are available on the Financial Aid page.

Usage and Support

The website is accessible for all the students enrolled as well as the ones who are about to pursue their education at the Art Institutes. Those who have graduated can need important emails and documents to transfer another access point for them so they can use it too for a certain amount of time. For technical support, contact the number given on the student portal or you can send an email to [email protected] is a popular website among the students and faculty members of the Art Institutes and is created by the school for their ease. Students are able to check and register for courses by creating an account and the staff can check their payments etc. on the site. It has a good traffic rank with 239K visitors monthly, which shows that it’s easy to use features are a favorite among the users. The site has a good reputation, which means that you can browse it effortlessly without any fear.

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