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Myonemoney is an integrated financial aid disbursement for universities that want to save money and provide financial solutions to the whole society. The One card and One account system of myonemoney help many universities worldwide to reduce their administrative budgets. This has helped many universities of the whole nation and particularly helpful for the students which are studying in the universities and can’t afford the expenses of universities.

Myonemoney is a platform that provides the students with both their financial and academic success to go for their higher education so, we can manage our accounts by using myonemoney. Actually, we are not a part of myonemoney and we are not affiliated with it. We are just bringing in the concern of local people about the available data and statistics about myonemoney. Myonemoney has been giving its services to the nation for about 16 years.


 Methods of getting your Money from myonemoney

myonemoney- methods

 Deposit to an already existing Account

The money will automatically get transferred to an existing account the very same day as myonemoney will receives funds from your university but, it typically takes 1 to 2 days for myonemoney to credit the amount to your account.

Deposit to a myonemoney checking Account

If you open myonemoney checking account by verifying your identity, money could be deposited the same day as myonemoney receives fund from your university.

Steps for getting your Money from myonemoney

Before following the steps for getting money from my one money, you have to make sure that you have your Refund Selection Kit. It would be coming in the green colored envelope and would be containing your Personal Code as well your OneAccount card. If you select the One Account Card as your refund choice, the green card will be activated as a functioning debit MasterCard. In addition to this, you will also receive an e-mail from myonemoney telling you about your Personal Code and once you have received your Personal Code you can follow the steps given below:

myonemoney- steps

Step 1

First of all, you have to visit

Step 2

Then, you have to enter your Personal Code which you have received the green envelope or via email.

Step 3

Now, you can select how you want to achieve your money either you want to deposit it to an already existing account or deposit to a checking account and the choice is totally yours.

Which type of money would you be getting?

 Get from myone money funds which have been left over from financial aid awards, loans or grants. The students which are getting these funds have already requested somewhere before for additional help and support for their academic and financial expenses. 

Advantages of myonemoney

myonemoney- advantges

Myonemoney provides you with the number of benefits like Passport rewards, Allpoint ATMs, Debit Card On/Off Switch, Snapshot any many others. We will discuss some of the advantages are here:

Payment of Bills


You can pay your bills by myonemoney much faster, easier an secure than before. With Online Bill Pay you can set up recurring payments, also manage Bill Pay recipients, also view the payment history. You can also pay the bills by the phone by calling on (866-444-4376) So, by getting registered in the account you can enjoy all these benefits.

Money Meter

myonemoney -money meter

You can manage your money in very short time with Money Meter. The account can set up a monthly budget in multiple categories. It also keeps check-in balance of your cash flow and also views your spending history by which you get aware that how much money you are spending and how much you should keep safe with you.

So, in order to manage your accounts you have to get registered in myonmoney and for students who can’t afford their academic expense, it is a very good platform for them as it provides them with both academic as well as living expenses. You can also enjoy many benefits which have mentioned above by being a part of

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