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Parkland webmail (Webmail.Phhs.Org) and parkland intranet is a system used by Parkland Company. Being a public health system in Dallas, Parkland provides healthcare facilities and also owns a community college, which aims to enhance the quality of public education. There is a huge number of employees working in such organizations and for their effective communication, Parkland webmail system is designed.

This webmail system allows the workers to learn about company work, news, schedules and serves as an interchange between the employee and employer. The online system of Parkland webmail is for accessing of email accounts and is under the supervision of Microsoft Outlook. True credentials and information are required to make an account which is then opened and logged in by using a username and a password. This webmail system is really important for the staff and for maintaining proper contacts in their jobs. It is in fact, a Microsoft Outlook web application and if you wish to go through your browser, then the official site for that is parkland.

Parkland Webmail sign in


Parkland has made it compulsory for the employees and students of the community college alike, to have a ParklandOne account for signing into the parkland email sign in. It is given once you join the company and with this account, all related Parkland systems on the internet can be accessed, including Microsoft Office 365. Once you access the webmail, you can establish and edit your profile too. So go through this procedure before logging in:

  • Firstly visit to get a username
  • This is only for authorized users and username is available in the specific field.
  • On the employee ID card, the ParklandOne ID number is available
  • Also, enter the birth details in the order Month/Date/Year
  • Besides the username, a secure password is also required which can be created at the password station and essential for logging into other systems too.
  • To manage and edit account and to enter other portals, this ParklandOne account is necessary.

And now for sending emails. Log onto the pmh webmail login. With its access, you can send, edit and read emails sent by your employer.  Just like the ParklandOne account, you can manage and refresh your Parkland webmail once you sign in. In order to open the webmail, the details of the ParklandOne Account should be remembered and used. Then you should undergo the following steps:

Steps –

Open the Webmail page

The first step would be to open the Parkland Webmail login page. If you face difficulty in finding the address use the help of any search engine, by entering the keyword into the search bar. Another option is to access mail. As the webmail is controlled by Microsoft Outlook, you will be directed to the Parkland Email Outlook page where you can log in using your credentials.

Choose appropriate computer type

To maximize the security and safety of the webmail, it is required on the site that the user should specify the type of computer being used.  The options include a shared or public computer. Furthermore, you can also indicate if you are using a personal or private computer.

Add your username

After the procedure mentioned above, add your username to the tab. It should be kept in mind that ParklandOne username can also be used as it is compatible with all systems under Parkland.

Enter the password

After username, enter your Parkland password for the email. For editing or resetting the password you have to be signed into the account, otherwise, you cannot do it. So choose an easy to remember, but the secure, password.

Instructions for Login through Mobile

Parkland webmail login

The webmail service is not limited to being opened on a computer only, but login by the employees can be done through mobile as well. If there is a web browser app available on the phone, you can use that or you can add the webmail account to a local email app as well. Being powered by Outlook, it can be made a default option in mobile email apps.

Instruction for iOS users

instruction for iphone users- Parkland webmail

  • Go to the settings app on the iPhone
  • There would be an option for mail/calendars, select that on the menu
  • Add account to the mail app
  • It would be required to choose a type of email account, as for Parkland it does not have an independent app, select “”
  • In the tabs that open, enter the email address and password
  • Choose the “Next” option given on the page
  • If more information is required by the server, then add your details
  • If you wish to sync your emails, you can add that option as well
  • To finish, click “Save”

Instructions for Android Users

Instruction for android users- Parkland webmail

Most of the steps will be similar to those in iOS, but there will be some differences as not all options are the same on Android

  • Open the default email app on the phone, either directly or open through the settings app
  • On the main window, select the “Add account” option
  • Specify the type of email i.e. “Outlook”
  • Add the Parkland email username and password in specified fields
  • Synchronize your email with the phone
  • Press “Done”, when you are finished.

These were the simple steps for signing into the Parkland webmail account. Once you have done that, you are at liberty to explore. You will get emails and you will be able to send them too. Sometimes, troubles can occur, and in such cases, the Parkland email Support Center is there to help. A phone number is also provided on the site if you require further assistance.

Problems signing in

Most of the times there is a slow internet connection which leads to inaccessibility to the account. To overcome it, the light version of Parkland Outlook Webmail is available. It works during slow internet connections but contains fewer options than the beta or original version. So, it makes it suitable only for certain specific conditions. But even then, basic features like reading and drafting emails are still available. To use it

  • Open the app for Outlook or the webmail site
  • Click on the option for light version
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click sign in option

If that still doesn’t help, then contact the Parkland Help Desk. The help desk can guide you through three ways

By Phone:

If your consistent attempts to login prove futile, it is better to take help from the Tech Service Desk. Dial the given number on the website and you will then be inquired about your issues and problems regarding the Parkland Webmail service.

By mail:

You can take help by posting your inquiries to the address at 2400 West Bradley Avenue. Champaign, Illinois 61821 or you can visit parkland.


There is an option of online help on the Parkland Website. On the sign in page, there is a Contact Us tab that will ask you to fill a form. Once you fill it out, you can add your questions. You should go to On the homepage, contact links are also available. Subjects for technical assistance etc. can be selected. For problems with the account, choose My parkland. Add your required credentials and information with a valid id, so that you can get responses on it. Remember to discuss your issues fully so they can be identified and corrected.

Parkland Intranet

The intranet is helpful for the transfer and exchange of important documents and information within the company. So, Parkland also has its own intranet which can be accessed from a private or home computer as well. To do that,

  • Open your internet browser and search for
  • After the page opens, log in with the specified username and password
  • Enter and intranet page will open

Links to accounts

Here are some links for logging into accounts:

For Parkland Health and Hospital system members section:

For Parkland College:

Information acquired from these can be further used for accessing the Parkland mail phhs webmail. Or if you want to access it on browser then follow the above-mentioned procedure. You should not worry about the security or other issues, as it is a secure webmail system developed for the betterment of the Parkland employees.

The parkland webmail login is not limited to employees in the parkland hospital email, but the students at the community college can use it as well. So, dive in to see how you can make and use the webmail.

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