Amazing Places to Visit in California

Looking for amazing places to visit in California during the holidays? Tired of searching the perfect location to spend time with family and friends. Well, worry no more, for here are some sites to visit in the state of California as well as the California coast, including a free California visitors guide, which will make your trip memorable and worthwhile. California offers some of the beautiful places to sight and visit. It’s a state that has a large number of stunning natural attractions, including beautiful beaches, serene deserts, and majestic mountains.You would be amazed to see it’s spectacular beauty. So dive in to see the places to visit in California.

Places To Visit In California

Calfornia offers some exciting places for the tourists. From the Golden Gate Bridge to Big Sur, there are endless travel destinations for everyone. Here are some of those places to visit in California.

Travel California coast

The California coast stretches to almost 350 miles and contains beautiful spots for a perfect holiday or vacation. Road trip packages are available from north of Los Angeles to San Francisco and on the way, you can enjoy visiting national parks, amazing restaurants, beaches, towns etc. You will certainly cherish traveling by the coast and see incredible locations as well. Guides are available for covering the route in five days or more. Be sure to add it to your bucket list while visiting California.

Golden Gate Bridge

Preferably the most iconic of all bridges in the world is the Golden Gate Bridge located near the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Completed in 1937 after four years of rigorous labor, it is the tallest bridge in the United States. No doubt, one of the Best Places to visit in California. You might have seen it in movies as the landmark bridge has now become a trademark for San Francisco. The red rails complement perfectly with the sky, especially at dusk and dawn making it a special sight to see. It is from one of the best places to visit in California. If you get a chance to see it, do take a photo as it will be a guaranteed Instagram hit.

Napa Valley

One of Best Places to visit in California is Napa Valley which is located in Northern California, there exists this beautiful valley with breathtaking landscapes and is a favorite spot for wine lovers. If you want to be pampered and get away from a noisy and monotonous routine, this place is for you. It also boasts amazing restaurants and spas, offering quality foods and refreshments. If you are in a mood for camping, you won’t be disappointed, because there are camping grounds readily available throughout the valley as well. So you can gather your tents and sticks and party out loud.


Malibu is not just the title of a Miley Cyrus song, but it actually is one of the Best Places to visit in California for those who love to spend time in peace near the sea. The extraordinary Malibu Beach houses the rich and offers amazing places to dine out with a variety of cuisines. If you are not afraid of the waves, then you can surf on them with the help of trained surfers and even rent out a boat for entertainment, if you have enough dollars in your pocket. Not only the beach, there are other places for fun as well like the art galleries, Malibu Lagoon Museum, Santa Monica Mountains and parks offering a treat for the eyes in the form of waterfalls and a huge variety of flowers.

Beverly Hills

A favorite spot for celebrities, the Beverly Hills is the home for the rich and famous like Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Robert Downey Jr. and possibly every famous person you can think of. It offers historic sites, theatres and museum for a hungry eye and food lovers will not be disappointed. The famous Beverly Hilton Hotel hosts the annual Golden Globes ceremony, a prestigious acting award. Be sure to check it out.

Palm Springs

A famous spot for refreshing oneself is the Palm Springs in the California desert. The warm temperature throughout the year can make one feel cozy even during winters. A huge number of golf courses make it a favorite destination among golf-lovers. It is also the site for the famous music event Coachella and is packed with a huge number of music enthusiasts from around the world, during the time of the festival. So, if you want to see your favorite artist perform, get the tickets and pack your bags for a hell fun ride.

Yosemite National Park

One of the biggest parks in America as well as one of the Best Places to visit in California. The Yosemite National Park in the Sierra Nevada Mountains has huge cliffs and groves and variety of creatures and plants.  The Yosemite Falls are a popular tourist attraction, spanning a height of almost 2,500 feet. The most stunning visuals are present during summers, and for all those who can resist walking among nature, 800 miles of trails are also present. Other view sites are the Yosemite Museum and the Glacier Point, with routes to walk among the wildlife.

Santa Barbara

The place with a bit of everything, Santa Barbara is one of the Best Places to visit in California for tourists and residents of the nearby cities alike. With an accommodating temperature, it contains sites of beautiful beaches, museums, art galleries, adventure clubs for hiking, climbing, fishing, cycling among many other things. Being culturally rich, the city still has remains of Spanish architecture like the Granada Theater for performing arts and the Old Mission Santa Barbara. For anyone interested in rich and culturally diverse spots with entertainment, Santa Barbara has the complete package.

San Diego

A colorful and beautiful city, one of the Best Places to visit in California. San Diego is a very popular site and is packed with travelers and wanderers throughout the year. Labelled as “America’s Finest City”, it is present near the Mexican border and thus contains diverse cultures and atmosphere. The premier zoo comprises of intricate Spanish architecture and gardens, containing well-kept animals. This is an attraction for both the adult and the young. The city coast has the Sea World and aquarium with attractive beaches and neighborhoods.

Death Valley

The Death Valley is aptly named so because it is one of the driest and best  Places to visit in California. But don’t be afraid of the name, it is not as deadly as it sounds. In fact, it is not dangerous at all as there are many amazing viewing areas, activity complexes and historic sites in the valley. From extreme conditions of hot sand dunes to snowy mountains in the area, the landscape and scenery are quite unique and distinct. Special visiting spots include the Wild-rose Charcoal Kilns where you can see the live making, Zabriskie Range with sites for geographical evolution and the famous Scotty’s Castle.

Big Sur

The ferocious range at Big Sur has a pleasing and refreshing view and is a relatively small place and one of the Best Places to visit in California near Monterrey city. Stunning views can put one under magic and you can just not leave it without appreciating the beauty and nature. There are trails for hiking in the mountains and near the coastline extending all the way to uninhabited places. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park can serve as a test site for the starters or the light-hearted. Once you leave the place, you can never get the beautiful imagery and scenery out of your head for sure.


It would be really unfair not to include the “Happiest Place on Earth” on this list. Since its establishment, the Disneyland remains one of the Best Places to visit in California for those who love animations regardless of their age. Located in Anaheim, it is the biggest among the other branches across the globe. Whether you are a Cinderella fan or stan the Pirates of the Caribbean, all types of rides are available and you can never feel empty after leaving this place. It is guaranteed to bring the inner child in you and make you delighted.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles-Places to visit in California

The “City of Dreamers” is another name for Los Angeles and is one of the Best Places to visit in California for an aspiring artist, actor or musician to follow their dream. From the major production companies to famous music producers, everyone wishes to make it big in the La La Land. One can experience the real taste of Hollywood in there along with stunning restaurants and hotels for fulfilling the appetite. You can very easily catch your favorite celebrity walking down the road and take a selfie with them.

Free California Visitors Guide

These are the Places to visit in California so, in order to have a sight of all these beautiful places you should plan your trip to California as soon as possible. Pack your bags and get ready to go on a trip to California. You would surely enjoy your journey. If you want more information about Visit California and for a free California visitors guide then go to “” and for further information about hotels, restaurants and other fun places check out For an official visitors guide, the government website is also helpful i.e. If you need information regarding a certain area then hotlines are also available region wise like for info about Los Angeles you should visit Best of Luck!

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