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Prague is located in the Czech Republic. It is the capital city and one of the most beautiful cities of Czech Republic.

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Some Facts About Prague

The historical city of Prague can be said as the traveler’s paradise. As it provides the opportunity to travel back around 500 years back. The time by offering a near-intact medieval core of Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque and Renaissance architecture was there. The main tourist attractions of the city of Prague are its Gothic architecture historical buildings. Prague is the home to a long history of ruling dynasties and raiding armies. Those who left behind a legacy of ornate castles and chateaux which speak pretty well for the historical background of the region. These castles, historical buildings and rich culture and have evolved the Czech Republic into one of Europe’s most popular traveling destination.

Prague- Facts

 The civilization in the region dates back to as far as Paleolithic era. The Czech state was formed in late 9th century under the Great Moravian Empire. After going through a turbulent past the Czech Republic was highlighted on a map on 1st January 1993. It was a peaceful splitting of Czechoslovakia into Slovakia and Czech Republic. Prague is the foundation of the culture of the region. Also, Prague represents the country in terms of the historical buildings and all the things you can do in the Czech Republic. So let’s start off with the things which Prague has to offer to the tourists from all over the world. Just in case you need to have  Los Angeles Travel Guide for a better trip 🙂

Things to do in Prague

Some of the most attractive activities in Prague are handpicked for the readers below.

Strolling across the Charles Bridge

Prague- Charles Bridge

Strolling across the Charles Bridge is one of the tourists favorite thing in Prague. This 520 meters long bridge is one of the oldest bridges in Europe built in 1357 joining the two shores of the River Vltava. The bridge is famous for its view of River Vltava and the bridges Gothic gates along with the many old statues on it. Among the statues the most important are those of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and that of John of Nepomuk is the country’s most revered saint.

Getting lost within the walls of Prague castle

Prague castle- Czech republic

Originally built as a fortress in 970, the Prague Castle which was once the home of Bohemian kings is now the official residence of the president of the Czech Republic. Tourists love to explore the hallways of his ancient castle. The walls of this largest ancient castle in the world have many important tourist sites of the city like  St. Vitus Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica, The Powder Tower, Old Royal Palace, and Golden Lane within them.  Highlights include the Old Royal Palace’s main hall, the Vladislav Hall, the Royal Garden dating back to 1534, the Ball Game Pavilion, the Royal Summer House with its Singing Fountain, and the Lion’s Court.

Wandering in the charming atmosphere of the Old Town Square

Prague- Old Town Square

The old town square is one of the most popular tourist spots of Prague. The reason is that it hasn’t changed much since its creation in the 12th century when it used to be city’s marketplace. It remained untouched during the wars and has many historical buildings including Tyn Church, Clementinum along with numerous other fine old churches, Old Town Hall, a wonderful early 15th-century Astronomical Clock, a chapel built in 1381, old prison and a Gothic doorway leading to its splendid interior.

See the treasures of St. Vitus Cathedral

Prague-St. Vitus Cathedral

Located within the walls of Prague Castle St. Vitus Cathedral is the largest Catholic church in the country. It has tombs of various saints and 3 bohemian kings. Also, it is the seat of the archbishop of Prague. Started in the 12th century it took more than 500 years to complete.

Walking in the neighborhood of Jewish Quarter

Prague- Jewish quarter

Built in the walls of Prague Castle, by 1200 the Jewish quarters spread up to the Josefov area. In 1800 a transformation took place in 1800 when major portions of the Jewish quarters were demolished to make way for the Art Nouveau apartment buildings. The Jewish quarter also includes the Jewish museum which consists of the Maisel Synagogue, Spanish Synagogue, Pinkas Synagogue, Old Jewish Cemetery, Ceremonial Hall, and Klaus Synagogue.

Visit the Strahov Monastery and Library

Prague- Strahov Monastery and Library

Dating back to the 12th century it is the 2nd oldest monastery of Czech. Apart from the beautiful churches, the 2 libraries named Philosophical Library and Theological Library are truly remarkable. The Philosophical Library has an exquisite ceiling painted by Franz Anton Maulbertsch entitled Enlightenment while the theological library has a beautiful ornate painted ceiling by Siard Nosecky, a Strahov Monk. The libraries contain many rare old volumes and manuscripts, including the famous 9th-century Strahov Gospel.

See the Infant Jesus of Prague

Known as the child of Prague, it is the statue of Roman Catholic Jesus as a child. Hundreds of tourists visit this statue. Dated back to almost the 16th-century people came daily to pray and make wishes in the hope that they will come true.

Watch the astronomical clock hit an hour

Prague- Astronomical Clock

Built in the 15th century, this clock is the pride of Prague.  As one of the oldest and best preserved medieval mechanical clock, it doesn’t disappoint the people who gather around the south end of the town hall to watch the mark of the hour mechanically by this clock.

Spot the hanging sculpture of Sigmund Freud

prague- sculpture of Sigmund Freud

Wandering around the old town hall and suddenly see somebody hanging down from a building. Instead of panicking you should look closer and you will admire because it is a brilliant piece of art. It is a seven feet tall sculpture of famous psycho-analyst Sigmund Freud hanging down from a metal rod. This sculpture has been exhibited and admired in other cities of the world like Chicago as well.

Take a Cruise on the Vltava

Seeing Prague while cruising on the Vltava River is a remarkable experience. You will also admire and enjoy the serenity of the peaceful banks of the river.

Immerse yourself in the Prague nightlife

Prague nightlife

Tired of sightseeing? Want some entertainment? If so, Prague will not disappoint you. All you have to do is immerse in the nightlife of Prague and take a walk down the riverside and arrive at the jazz-rock where you can enjoy the performance of some best jazz musicians. A cross club is also there, an industrial nightclub in every sense to fulfill the demands of the serious clubbers.

Climb 299 Steps to Petrin Hill

Located on the left bank of Vltava River, hike to the top of Petrin hill provides an amazing view of the city. Also, it is one of the greenest areas of the city. You will find a lot of benches to rest your legs along the way to the top in case you were wondering about the 299 steps.

Test yourself at the Mind Maze

Prague- mind maze

Mind maze is one interesting challenge for the tourists. You will find yourself in an alchemists chamber and will have 60 mins to escapes using the clues and riddles hidden all across the room which seems quite ordinary and empty at first sight.

Beer tasting around the city

Prague-Bear Tasting

Czech is famous for its beer all around the world. You can taste all types of beers while exploring the city. Sounds like paradise for beer lovers, doesn’t it?

Prague gives you pretty much the experience of the whole Czech Republic. But let’s just go over some stuff which can be done outside of Prague. Paris is the amazing place to visit so must check the amazing tourist Attractions In Paris.

Things to do in the Czech Republic

Visit the town of Olomouc

Olomouc- czech Republic

Originally a fort built by the Romans during the imperial period named as Mount Julius. Later it turned into the residence of the Moravian governor. The town is occupied by several religious buildings built on progressive architectural style. The Olomouc castle built around the 12th century is also there with a beautiful saint Wenceslas Cathedral in it. Apart from this the city also has half a dozen baroque fountains, an astronomical clock a beautiful art museum to amuse the visitors.

Site seeing at the Bohemian Paradise

Bohemian Paradise- Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is also rich in nature and a proof to that is the Bohemian Paradise. The area has some surprising rock formations sticking out of the ground like natural skyscrapers. The region is a treat for hikers and sightseers from all around the world. Also, the region also boasts some old castles.

Admiring the Moravian Karst

moravian karst- Czech Republic

It is a region of North of Burno comprising of thousands of square kilometers of underground limestone caverns and gorges. Apart from this, well-marked paths to hike and trails to explore on bicycles are also there. Macocha Abyss is also an attraction for the tourists which is actually a 138m deep gorge which came into existence from the ceiling collapse of an underground cavern.

Hot springs of Karlovy Vary

korlovy vary

Karlovy Vary is the town of Hot Springs. From 100’s of years, people believed that these water springs were magical and contain healing water and can cure anything from some fever to brain tumor. The waters were converted into large spas for the nobles in the 13th century by Charles IV. Most of the buildings couldn’t sustain natural disasters in the 18th and 19th century. But the town is still there along with its spas with waters claimed to be the treatment of many ailments.

Exploring Kutna Hora, the first Bohemian Monastery

Kutna Hora- Czech Republic

Kutna Hora was the first bohemian monastery created around the year 1142. The region had a lot of silver deposits in the mountains which resulted in the boom in the population of the region. Many Gothic buildings were built when the land was under German control in the 12th century. Kutna Hora has the most Gothic architecture buildings still preserved. Some places are Five-Naved Cathedral, St Barbaras Church, Royal Residence and Mint Now called the Italian Court and the Ossuary (bone house).

Seeing the amazing Castle Karlstejn

Castle karlstejn- Czech Republic

This Gothic castle was built by the Roman Emperor Charles IV in the 14th century. Located just 30 km from Prague. The castle provides a perfect destination for a day trip. The castle served as a war fortress which is a storehouse for treasure and a royal home from time to time. Comprising of 3 terraced levels named as Imperial Palace, the Marian Tower, and the Big Tower were occupied by the emperor and his soldiers. The empress and the last was left for god with a chapel inside respectively. Sometimes the less visited cities have more beauty, so we should better visit them too.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article and found yourself in the mesmerizing nature and architectures of Prague.


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