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The PS4 Pro includes a bundle of games, and Play Station Pro owners can enjoy these games in 4K resolution. PS-4 Pro is generally an upgrade of PS-4. Among the most awaited games some are GTA 5 Online Expansion, Red Dead Redemption 2 and many many more games. It is believed to have competition with Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X, which would be releasing in the next month. It will cost around $499.99. Ps 4 Pro would be available in white color if you want to get it in a black color you have to pay $10 extra for it.

Games offered by Play Station(PS) 4 Pro

You can enjoy enhanced games in action which are offered by Play Station(PS) 4 Pro. These games are known to have enhanced graphics, vibrant colors, and gameplay. And it will offer you smoother performance.

GTA Online Transform Races Expansion

ps4 pro- gta

The new GTA 5 also known to be GTA Online Transform Races have added more content to the game. These transform races enable the players’ transition between land, sea, and air in just a single race. Such Transform Races are available for many vehicles such as Supers, Off-roaders, Boats, Jet Skis, Planes, Helicopters and much more. These Transform Races are available for new adversary modes. No one wants to miss such transform races, as it is increasing the curiosity of every game lover.

Brave New World

ps4 pro

In PS4 Brave New World will come with new characters and environments that are raising the excitement level of PS lovers.

Resident Evil 7

ps4 pro- resident evil

An excellent game that is largely influenced by the HDR effect, adding creepy feeling throughout the whole game.

The Last Guardian

ps4- th last guardian

This game supports the 4K Resolution and it can play on PS4 Pro and the HDR. HDR can work on PS4 Pro as well.



This game is not supported by HDR support but the performance, efficiency, and textures are improved on PS4 Pro.

Watch Dogs 2

watchdogs 2

This game looks great in 4K resolution. So, you have to buy PS4 Pro to enjoy it.

Features of Play Station(PS)4 Pro

ps4 pro- features

PS4 Pro HD

PS 4 Pro gives you outputs in enhanced HD resolution, which will make the games more interesting.

Dynamic 4K Gaming:

It utilizes the advanced resolution techniques to increase the game resolution to reach 4K.

Greater Draw Distance:

Improve the pictures and visibility of objects that are in the background with greater focus and more detail.

Visual FX:

Visuals that have very small features like smoke, dust, and steam have heavier and realistic look you will enjoy this feature very much.

Vivid Textures:

Ps 4 Pro enables more extensive designs of the images such as dirt on clothing or rust on metal.


It gives you High Dynamic Range quality for intensely vibrant colors.

2X Power:

PS 4 Pro will come with the double GPU Power. So, you can enjoy games for the unlimited time.

Stunning Graphical Details:

PS-4 Pro offers stunning graphical details. It gives the realistic feeling to the images and pictures, the curves become smoother, corners became sharper and visual effects like hair, water, dirt, and grass looks more real.

Incredible Entertainment:

You can enjoy your favorite movies, latest videos and TV shows from Netflix, Youtube and much more entertainment apps which are coming very soon.

Why PS4 Pro is better than Other PS?

Why (PS)4 Pro is better than other PS and why you should buy it. I will explain this by making a comparison of PS4 Pro with other PS.

PS4 Pro vs PS4(2013) and PS4(2016)

ps4 pro

First of all, I will tell you how PS4 Pro is better than original PS 4. I hope after reading all these differences you would surely by PS4 Pro.

In terms of Dimension


Graphics Processor:

The graphics processor(GPU) in the PS4 Pro generates 3D graphics in games, and it is twice powerful than PS4. The GPU of PS(2013) and PS(2016) is 1.84 TFLOP AMD Radeon and that of PS4 Pro is 4.2 TFLOP AMD Radeon. TFLOP stands for trillion floating point operations per second.

Speed and memory:

Although PS-4 Pro has the same amount of memory as that of PS4 which is 8 GB GDDR5, in spite of that it runs at higher extraordinary speed with improved performance. In addition to this, it has additional 1 GB memory for non-gaming applications like Netflix. The more the memory, the more high-resolution textures that GPU can quickly access.


The CPU of PS4(2013) and PS4(2016) is 16Ghz 8-core AMD Jaguar and CPU of (ps)4 Pro is 2.1Ghz 8-core AMD Jaguar. So, the CPU of ps-4 Pro is more powerful than PS of 2013 and 2016.

4K Resolution:

The ability of 4K resolution is only present in ps-4 Pro, as it is absent in ps-4 of 2013 and 2016. Its 4K Resolution means 3,840 by 2,160 lines pixel.

In terms of Graphics


Realistic feeling of the Pictures for the viewer:

The most fabulous thing is that it gives a realistic feeling to the images. Such type of feature is not present in PS-4(2013) and PS-4(2016). So you should buy PS 4 Pro to enjoy such realistic view.

Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro

ps 4 pro

Xbox One X and PS 4 Pro both have the 4K console but the debate is which 4K console is better. Let some of its points to decide which one is better:


Xbox One X has 8-core, 2.3Ghz processor, and PS4 Pro has 8-core, 2.13Ghz processor. PS 4 Pro has boost mode, this new feature advance the performance of all the PS4 games

PlayStation4 Pro vs PlayStation VR

ps4 pro

When talking about PS4 Pro vs PS VR, we find some class. PlayStation4 Pro is better than PlayStation VR because PlayStation VR uses a version of HDMI which is incompatible with 4k and HDR Resolution, so PS-4 Pro users have to unplug the VR system to play games on their TV.

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