samsung gear 360 review

Samsung Gear 360 Review

Samsung Gear 360, who doesn’t know this name? The most astonishing and brilliant camera manufactured by one of the greatest companies of the world “Samsung”. This gadget has it all that a camera should have.Here’s my Samsung Gear 360 review. Nowadays everybody wants to see a whole beautiful scenery and valleys within one picture. Samsung Gear 360 has made it possible, it’s a small portable device that can be carried easily anywhere at any time. Samsung gGear360 provides you a display with everything around you in a single frame. It was launched in Barcelona, Spain after that it had made people crazy with its abilities.

The camera can be used with any phone that can support Samsung Gear 360 manager app. It can be used with various phones of Samsung too. Samsung has made clear its intention for the Gear to be a mainstream product rather than a niche gadget for specialists. Samsung is promising a cheaper, easier to use Samsung gear 360 that is accessible for all. In order to accomplish this, Samsung has redesigned the gear 360 from inside out.

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Number of Lenses / Pixels X2 8.4 MegaPixel
Video Resolution4096 x 2160
Photo Resolution15 Megapixel
Memory256 GB
Battery Power1160 mAh
Livestream4k video

Capturing World in High Definition (HD)

samsung gear 360 review - 4k camera

With your Samsung Gear 360 & its 4k resolution camera, you can capture the world in a high definition. 4k resolution is the highest pixel quality in the world. You can capture beautiGearsceneries, valleys & anything with Samsung gear 360 4k resolution.

Samsung Gear 360 Compatibility

samsung gear 360 review- compatibility

The camera is compatible with all your Android smartphones which can support Samsung Gear 360 manager app. Various phones of Samsung can support this app including Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8+, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy A7, A5 (2017). It’s also compatible with your Samsung laptops and with PC’S, which makes it easy to delete and share your pictures or videos.

Video Recording

samsung gear 360 review- video

The camera allows you to record videos in 4k resolution. Video recording with this gear is like a Childs play. Just press the button and it starts recording your precious moments. The most wonderful and astonishing thing about this gear is that it records a steady & the smoothest video. Yes, you heard it right, the smoothest video recording ever is done with this gear.

Broadcasting live with Samsung Gear 360

samsung gear 360 review- live streaming

Who doesn’t love going live and showing off things or activities they are performing? Samsung Gear 360 allows you to go live with just push of a button with a 360° view. A person who’s watching the live video can view every angle of what’s happening behind and around the camera. Amazing isn’t it? A lot of people from Europe and America are going crazy over this feature and everyone wants to get their hands on it as soon as possible.

How To take Pictures With Samsung Gear 360

samsung gear 360 review - captured photo

You can take pictures with your camera with a push of a button and it captures all angles giving you a 360° view in a single frame. The pictures captured through it are also of 4k resolution the best resolution a person can get.

Easily shoot and share

samsung gear 360 review - shoot and share

Samsung Gear 360 has it all that a camera should have, it’s easy to use and most important of all that it gives a picture of 360 degrees in a single frame of reference. You can take many pictures of beautiful valleys with its beautiful nonblurry fisheyes lens, it gives the actual color of an object in the picture. Samsung Gear 360 allows you to convert 360 content into a standard video or format to upload.

Change the view

samsung gear 360 review - view modes

You can turn your video or photo into a mind-bending masterpiece by choosing anyone from five viewing modes in the Samsung Gear 360 as discussed below:

  • 360 View
  • Stretched View
  • Round View
  • Dual View
  • Panoramic View


samsung gear 360 review - memory

Samsung Gear 360 has 1 GB of RAM which makes it faster from other cameras and more efficient. It can support memory card up to 256 GB which is more than enough for a person who has a passion of clicking pictures capturing the perfect moment without even thinking about the space issues. It can be connected to Wi-Fi for updating its software and for sharing pictures with your loved ones.


samsung gear 360 review - bluetooth support

Bluetooth connecting system has made it easy to connect your phone to it and easily extract pictures from the 360 cameras. It of a USB for moving some unused pictures to the USB so that the SD card has more space for capturing images in the future.

Dual Camera

samsung gear 360 review - dual camera

Samsung Gear 360 comes with a dual camera, one for taking pictures and other for taking selfies and going live. Samsung primary camera is 8.4-megapixel giving 4k resolution its secondary camera has a fisheye lens for wider angle selfies it 3.0 Megapixel. Default output pixel count is up to 15 MP.It has various of modes like making time lapse videos, looping videos and landscape HDR mode which captures pictures in a more high definition without blurring the picture. Its ISO limit is about 1600.

Price of Samsung Gear 360

samsung gear 360 review - price

The price of this beautiful gadget is different in countries like in America its price is $213.58 In European countries its price is 191.47 euros in Pakistan its price is near 24,000 PKR. To buy Samsung gear 360, visit Official Website.

Samsung Gear 360 has made picture perfect moments incredibly popular, everyone wants that ideal picture to share or post. According to its price, it’s a wonderful camera, no camera in the world can beat what this camera can do its just mind blowing at capturing 360 degrees with one simple click. It has beaten all the cameras released until now. I personally loved this device for what it can do.

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