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Scentsy Workstation – A Complete Guide to Become A Scentsy Consultant

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Scentsy is the International business firm. Basically, it was just a small family business but now Scentsy is using direct selling strategies and has become the leading company. Scentsy Workstation is producing various products, for instance, the fragment company provides the bath products, scented wax, cosmetics, etc.

Scentsy is selling their products by using direct selling and multi-level strategies. Besides that, Scentsy is also using the party selling technique. In order to offer the products, Scentsy enlists the multi-level salespersons.

These salespersons are called as Scentsy Consultants. These consultants work in the Scentsy WorkstationTo challenge the luck, people are investing a lot of money in the bitcoins too and making a lot of money out of it. But people sometimes find the difficulty in how to invest in the bitcoins. But it is actually so simple, you can try too.

Get Into Scentsy Workstation

Okay, right now you might be wondering that why the Scentsy is a big deal? You need to re-evaluate if you don’t know.

Your business is your passion. You obviously need to take care of the day to day needs like order tracking, accounting and other relevant stuff that comes into your mind. Now, this is your time to get succeed unless you use the right tool that you have but you are not making it work properly.

What are the benefits of becoming a Scentsy Consultant?

Scentsy business is nowhere with the only aim of making a profit, but the company also wants to make your life comfortable and better. Scentsy offers the relax and fun way of work. You can help yourself with the Scentsy Login Guide. You don’t need to go to the office on daily basis and can easily work from home with this Scentsy Workstation.

They offer the flexible working schedule and that’s the main reason for many people who want to be the Scentsy Consultant, so, BYOB: Built Your Own Business. Here are the other reasons that why people want to become Scentsy Consultants:

  • Scentsy offers the incentives and rewards to those consultants who worked really hard.
  • They offer holiday trips to the top hardworking consultants.
  • Scentsy offers the income and bonuses for the stuff they sell. The more you sell, the more you get the bonus.
  • Fun work.

Consultants experience the new adventure when they sell the product. Moreover, Scentsy encourages the consultants to be themselves grow. They can build their team and become the ladder and choose the best working strategy through the Scentsy Workstation.

How to become the Consultant?

Scentsy Consultant

For many people, Scentsy Consultant becomes a dream job. You can easily access the Scentsy workstation when you become the Scentsy consultant. Process for joining the Scentsy Consultant is the very easy process. Here I present the steps to enroll the Scentsy Consultant.

Visit Scentsy Official Website

  • Visit the official website at
  • Login with the ID and password Or Sign Up for the new account.
  • Click on the join button.

Pick your Sponsor

Now you have to select your Scentsy Sponsor. If some Scentsy Consultant wants to be your Sponsor then you can directly enter his/her name. But if you don’t have any idea that who could be your Scentsy Sponsor then you can search them by location.

To find the Scentsy Sponsor near you, you just have to enter the Zip code and the country code. When you click on the search button, Scentsy will enlist all the sponsors near you. Remember!! Selecting your sponsor for Scentsy Workstation is really a tough decision. The sponsor can determine your future success. After the enrollment process, you cannot change your sponsor.

Enroll and Select your Scentsy Starter Kit

Next step is to complete your enrollment form. First of all, enter your name. Then add the email in the required place. then press the continue button after selecting the starter kit. on the following page, you have to input your birthday, SSN, mobile number and your shipping details. write your complete shipping address including your city and Zip code.

Scentsy Workstation works on three simple yet interesting rules:

  • Generosity
  • Curiosity 
  • Simplicity 

Select a Password and the Security Question

Now you have to set your password to access the Scentsy workstation login page. Your password should be at least eight characters long and it must contain upper case and lower case letters. After setting your password to continue with selecting the security question. you have to remember your password and the security question.

Create a Personal Website

Scentsy facilitates their every consumer with a personal website. Scentsy consultants can offer the products online through the Scentsy website. For the first 3 months, Scentsy offers the free trial. afterward, you have to pay 10$ per month. Make sure to determine the name of the website. Addresses will be followed by Then you can display your name and contact number on the website.

Continue to the Payment Process

After completing your enrollment form, press the red button. Then you can review the terms and conditions of the business. You can make payment for your starter kit on last. You just have to pay 99$ for Scentsy Starter kit. for payment process, prepare your credit or debit card.

After completing the payment and the registration process, You will get an email from Scentsy. The Email will be having your Consultant ID. You will need this ID to access the Scentsy Workstation page. You can start doing your business when your starter kit arrives:).

How to Log in to Scentsy Workstation

Scentsy Workstation

After you complete the registration process, Scentsy will send you an email. this email will help you to activate the pay portal and the account. Once you finish your activation process, log in to your account.
Here we have the guideline to sign in the Scentsy Workstation.

Visit Scentsy Site

If you are from Canada, you can visit but if you are a US resident, you can visit

Enter the Scentsy Consultant ID

When you have completed your registration process, you got a mail. This mail contains the Scentsy Consultant ID. Now enter your Scentsy Consultant ID.

Enter Scentsy Password

Now enter your selected Scentsy password. always remember your password and make sure to enter the correct password. Well if you forget the password then o need to worry about. Simply go to Scentsy Workstation log in page and reset your password:).

Sign In

After hitting the sign in button, you can manage your own business. Since you are new to Scentsy as Scentsy Consultant, you should join the training sessions.

Information Regarding the Scentsy Workstation Consultant

Scentsy Consultant Eligibility

Not everyone can enroll to be the Scentsy Consultants. To become the Scentsy Consultant, you should be the legal resident of the country. You should be the consultant from your own country.

Consultant’s Responsibility

Their main duty is to sell the products. They can offer the products through their own website. They can also create the team to increase the sale.

The Income

When the consultants achieve 1000 points in PRV they can earn the 20% of the sales bonus. You can earn the multiple bonuses if your team performance at the Scentsy Workstation is wonderful.

Scentsy Contact

You just need to stay connected with your sponsor. you can ask everything about the Scentsy from him/her. For further details, you can contact the Scentsy Consultant Support. Send your email to [email protected]

Few tips for Getting Started to Scentsy Workstation

  • Daily check your Email. I must suggest you log in to your personal Scentsy Workstation daily.
  • There are several flyers, brochures, Scentsy logos, and sample cards. Just play around the stuff and pick the one you like.
  • Until your starter kit arrives, print out your business cards. In your Scentsy Workstation, there are great videos under the top icon of the Training Center. Watch these training videos.
  • Never do it as an individual, when your order product. Put your order as a party.
  • Do a launch party and try to invite everyone in your circle or people you know. it will be really helpful for your business. Under New Consultant startup guide, find the ideas in resource tab.
  • Show your excitement of starting your business to everyone and I must say that you should send them the invitation email to your launch party. Also post links on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Myspace account.
  • For your first 70 days, Scentsy has the Scentsational start program by which you can receive special recognition for recruiting and selling in your early 70 days also you can earn the free products.

Scentsy Pay Portal Activation

Scentsy Workstation

It is very important to activate your pay portal. Here are the guiding steps to activate your pay portal account for the Scentsy Workstation.

  • Click on the link and open the Scentsy pay portal page.
  • On the pay, portal page clicks on the activate account.
  • For activation, you need to give any one of the following details. Provide your Scentsy card number or Scentsy Consultant ID or your Email address.
  • After providing the above details click on the continue button.

Hope the guide was helpful for you guys, you can discuss the queries in the comment section. Here, in this login guide, we have been discussing the career so you must know the top emerging careers in the near future so that you can choose the right dimension for yourself!

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