Scentsy Workstation : A Complete Login Guide for Workstation Scentsy

Scentsy Workstation Login guide


Scentsy Workstation Login Guide

Scentsy Workstation Login

Scentsy Workstation Login Guide

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What Is Scentsy workstation?

The Scentsy workstation login guide will help you access the portal which will aid you in managing your business of selling Scentsy products. Tracking sales, calculating payment, coordinating with team members and group sales will become no problem for you. You can easily earn a lot by becoming a Scentsy Consultant, and all the tools you need are on the workstation Scentsy portal. So controlling your orders and earning a lot has become super easy through Scentsy.

Scentsy Workstation Login Guide



Scentsy Workstation Login – Guide

So are you ready to earn in the comfort of your own home?


Then follow the simple instructions below and become a Scentsy Consultant:

  • Get your Consultant ID and Password ready before going on the page
  • Make sure your device is connected to the internet properly
  • Go to the main page. No need to go through the hassle of searching, these are the links: Scentsy US or Just click and you are there. The page looks like this

    Scentsy Workstation Login Guide

    Scentsy login page

  • Now type in your Consultant ID and password in their respective text boxes (Check to see if they are entered right and your caps lock is not on unintentionally)
  • Now click the Sign In button
  • YOU’RE IN!


What to do after login?

Watch this video to know how to work on the workstation: Video tutorial to manage account


Password Problems?

You need to enter the correct password to log in successfully to the workstation Scentsy us. Want to access your account to manage your sales? Entered the wrong password? Have problems remembered the password?

Scentsy Workstation Login Guide

Don’t you worry? I’ll help you recover your password easily.

Follow these simple guidelines to access your account in no time:

  • Go to the Scentsy workstation login page so you can reset your password
  • Below the ConsultantID and Password text fields, click the ‘I forgot my password’ which written in pink next to the Sign In button
  • The below WebPage will openscentsy workstation
  • Type in the email address you provided before that is associated with your Scentsy account
  • After entering the email address click the pink button which says ‘Continue’
  • Check the inbox of your email account. Scentsy will have sent you an email regarding your password recovery. Just follow the simple instructions that have been mailed to you. To verify, you will have to click a link, opening a new tab or window and then enter your new password, click the reset button and voila your password is reset.
  • Now you can easily access your account on Scentsy by following the simple steps mentioned above with your new password. Note this password down somewhere.

The procedures told on this page will work for both Scentsy UK and Scentsy Canada accounts.

Workstation Scentsy us login Guide

Scentsy Pay Portal like Scentsy is easy to use and log into. This is another excellent feature to handle your money with your business. If you are Logging in the Scentsy Pay Portal for the first time then this is what you have to do:

  • You can access the Scentsy Pay Portal by going on the workstation page and clicking on the Scentsy Pay Portal at the bottom of the page in gray. Or just click this link here to directly go to the Scentsy Pay Portal without any hassle
  • This page will open:

workstation scentsy

  • Now enter in your Consultant ID and password as you did in the main login page to access your Scentsy Pay Portal account (make sure your caps lock is not on unintentionally while typing the password)
  • After entering both text fields click on the purple Sign In button to access your account

In the case of any issues contact Scentsy support which I will tell in the last passage or reset your password which is told in the above passage.

Scentsy Pay Portal Activation

This is necessary because to access the Scentsy Pay Portal account you have to activate your account. So the following steps will guide you to activate your account fast and easy:

  • Open the Scentsy Pay Portal page. You can open it the same way as it was specified in the above passage. Or just click this link
  • When you are Signing in the account just click on the purple button which says ‘activate account’ or ‘Resend Activation Email’
  • Keep in mind for the activation process you need one of the following details, provide them your Scentsy card number or you can provide them your consultant ID and you can also provide them your email address. If the first option is selected then you have to provide them 16 digits or your Scentsy card number. The second option that you have to give them you an email that is associated with your consultant account. A third option that you have to provide them your consultant ID.
  • After entering all the required information click the button which says ‘continue’
  • Just follow the easy and simple steps specified on the page and before you know it you will have complete access to your account
scentsy workstation

the comfort of your own home

workstation.Scentsy Support Center

If you face a problem that can’t be solved by resetting your password, you can always ask for help from the Scentsy representative. You can search for your specific problem in the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, before heading on to sending an e-mail. In the majority of the cases, you will find your solution among the previously solved issues.

If you haven’t gotten the answer you were looking for then contact Support Center of Scentsy by clicking the link for contact found in the footer of the Pay Portal web page. Also, you can visit Scentsy pay where you can access the Frequently Asked Questions page. You can reach a Scentsy representative on the phone, and they will be happy to help you. They are only available between 6 am to 5 pm Pacific Time on working days, and 8 am to 5 pm for weekends.

  • Scentsy Support Toll-free number for the USA and Canada: 1-877-855-0617
  • Main International Support number: 1-778-373-5389

Press the Email to contact them via email. Then, proceed to select the category of your inquiry, type in your e-mail address and consultant ID. After filling all the required information type in your message and push Submit when you are done. Scentsy Customer Service representative will contact you shortly.

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