SEO Team Structure - How to Build the Best SEO Team From Scratch

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To be amazing in SEO, one must uplift the super amazing team. SEO these days is not the traditional one. Something worth watching or reading has to be there. To create a team, some ideas are needed and we are here help out in making an Awesome SEO Team Structure from scratch.


Making an SEO team is not same these days as it was before. A single SEO cannot create the worth things in the search for business all alone. bring the best-skilled people together for the fact that you’ll have the best SEO team.

Build Your SEO Team infographic


The main thing to be kept in mind is that there is no hard and fast rule to make the SEO team. One person cannot cover the whole SEO workload. Ideally, 2 people can share the workload but if you are up to making the team. Here you go!!

We’ll start from the top.

SEO Director/Manager

The director/manager of the team is the boss and heads the team and manages the work overall. He is the one managing all the clients and the budgets. The manager is the one who has the eye on the big picture, making the strategies and work plans.

He is taking contracts from the clients, fixing the budgets, working for the well-being of the client. Making the clients happy.

SEO Manager - SEO Team

Keeping the clients satisfied is an important job yet another thing is to manage the employees. To assign the task to everyone out there. Employees must also be kept satisfied so that they can work in a healthy, satisfied and friendly environment and in return deliver the best results. This is the duty of the team manager that he ensures the fact that one’s employees know their duties as well. The most important thing is that the manager must keep his employees motivated to get the reward.

The Content Creator

Second and a very important post for the SEO team is the content creator. Content is basic and the most powerful tool for SEO. If the content is strong, no one can stop you from generating the organic traffic. The content you are writing is the key to your successful SEO.

In 2017, the main focus is the uniqueness of the content as well as the user experience. If the content is unique then the Google Bot will rank your article. Now, if the user has visited your site and found it worthy, one will again come to the same article and this is how the user experience will be increased.

Content Writer - SEO Team


All these points should be kept in mind if you are gonna hire the content creator for your team. If you are hiring a writing expert, you will pay him like $100 for one article as one is generating traffic for you. The ordinary content writers are not writing the good content and are not beneficial for your team although they ask you for $10-15 for salary. You cannot put your company at stake. So hire the people who can create the content.

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If you are gonna make your SEO team, you can’t rely on one person to write and design the graphics for the article at the same time. At least one person should be there who is expert in a specific department. you’ll have to hire a graphic designer who can design the images for the article which will be under construction.

If you are working full time with the keywords which need the graphics in them, hire a designer.But if the part of designing the pictures is not that frequent for your work so you can take the benefits from the freelancers as well. This will save your money too.

Graphic Designer - SEO Team

The designer and the content writers must collaborate with each other for the fact that the designer is making the same images which are required for the content being written. If both of them have no coordination with each other, something worst can happen and nothing was written will resemble the designed graphics and vice verse.

Link Builders

Link Builder - SEO Team

Next in the row are the link builders. If you want to get more traffic to your website then link building is the good option. Everyone would like link building with the other websites so more people visit yours too. Like builders will be assigned the job to check the websites frequently being used by the people and then create own links with those websites.

Technical Experts

Technical experts are an important part of the SEO team and cannot be ignored and you think that the content creators would be enough. Just writing the content and thinking that you can achieve the goals will not work. We cannot take the technical aspects of SEO for granted.

If you don’t want that your team struggles in this field, consider the technical experts in your team as well. Technical experts will keep an eye on all the technical aspects of the work. They can check out the link building. Work on the link building. Also, they will do the keyword research along with the internal linking optimization. Technical experts will also work on making the snippet descriptions worth reading.

Technical - SEO Team

These experts very well understand the architecture of the respective site and can easily detect the minor as well as major flaws of SEO. These experts have pretty good knowledge of programming and other technicalities and can also work with the developers. In small SEO projects, they can do the work even by themselves.


If you are writing the excellent content but the website on which you are posting is not attractive it will destroy your user experience. There is a need for a developer who can maintain the website and update it from time to time.

Web developer - SEO Team

Again this work can be done by some freelancer if there is less maintenance work. You can hire one and pay him but you can also include the developer in the team for a full time.

Account Manager

This a job which can be done by the manager itself if one can balance the tasks. But You can hire at least one person who can manage all the accounts and keep the check on the incoming money, outgoings and the salaries etc. The account manager will manage the clients paying for the work SEO team is doing for them.

The account manager will also generate all the reports. These reports are important to be kept as the records. The reports will be about the work and the results.

Accountant - SEO Team

The account manager has some other duties as well, like satisfying the client and answering all the queries and keeping report for what they are trying to keep them happy. The account manager will tackle them and try to sort out the issues if generated. If some things are out of one’s reach, one must have to inform the director.


The whole team should collaborate and work like one unit. The team should work for the betterment of their site. There should be a friendly environment. Specialized team members will work in a team. There is no fixed size for the SEO team but it can be 7- 14 members or more in the team and this is how you can create the best team from scratch.

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