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Shiftwear – Smart, Wireless Chargeable Shoes

Have you ever thought of technology is at your feet? Have you ever imagined technology is not only a step away but in your step always? Literally? The Shiftwear shoes bring the possibility of it into your life. Shiftwear shoes are wireless sneakers which will let you change its design and that happens by making it yourself with the use of your regular phone, just by installing an application that will connect your phone to your shoes. The cherry on top, shiftwear are charged wirelessly. In fact, they get charged just as you take your step. Since these shoes have colored and flexible E-screens on the sides of them and with soles made of water proof Kevlar fiber, shiftwear are designed to be normally washed in an ordinary washing machine which we use for ordinary clothing, as well. These Shiftwear shoes bring the extra ordinary from the ordinary!

Release date

The Shiftwear shoes do not exist yet, as a matter of fact. The Shiftwear company is yet to decide their exact date when the shoes will be officially released into the market, but the tentative time is set to be somewhere in the end of 2017. They have also hidden the date from which they started working on these shoes. The NewYork based company is, however, in Collaboration with IndieGoGo campaign to finish the work in its entirety, because it still isn’t ensured whether the E-paper – that looks just like the screen of Kindle – could possibly be sandwiched in between several layers of synthetic material. In fact, it cannot be said for sure whether the Shiftwear shoes would ever hit the market even, or not.

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The price of the Shiftwear shoes varies vastly, depending on the quality of the shoes. It depends on how high the shoes are. The estimate suggests that the price of these shoes is pretty expensive, almost unaffordable for the middle class. The price shifts from one hundred and fifty dollars to three hundred and fifty dollars. The cost for $500 for the pre-orders only. Only for limited orders, the Shiftwear company also happens to grant a twenty percent discount, that too, for a limited time.While the door to shiftwear’s IndieGoGo campaign has closed, they opened a window and now are offering three different styles of shoes according to the following pattern:

  • 1-L1 Classic (from $349) is the lower-top design
  • 2-M1 Classic (from $399) has a medium rise
  • 3-H1 Classic (from $499) is a high-top shoe

What’s new In Shiftwear

Shiftwear shoes let you change the designs on your shoes yourself with the help of your phone app which is downloadable. They let you design distinctive Playlists of your designs and it allows you to set time for which each Playlist would be played for and in what order. Moreover, the Shiftwear shoes let you share and sell your designs on the marketplace as well as earn money through it. Therefore, Shiftwear shoes do not only place a forum for its users to bring out their creativity but also to make a social circle with every user.

What's New - Shiftwear


There are three types of Shiftwear shoes that have been decided to be produced as of yet; one is the L1, the second is M1 and the third is H1. The L means the low top. The M means the medium size. The H means the high top. Their prices increase from L1 to H1 and so do their screen sizes.

Sizes- Shiftwear


How do rechargeable batteries work? They recharge with every step that you take. Yes! It requires no wires or adapters or any power connection but they are built with an embedded charging hub, which happens to be completely portable. The inner hubs are also portable. However, It seems more details and information on it would be testing your patience.

Battery - Shiftwear


As aforementioned, the display of the Shiftwear shoes is an electronic display. They are flexible and immensely strong. They have been tested by hitting a hammer on it, they have also been tested with sinking it into the water but these shoes remain resilient. These are not exactly appropriate for Sportswear since they are more of a representation of the interlink between technology and Fashion.

Display - Shiftwear



The design of the Shiftwear shoes can be formed by your self – from Van Gogh’s starry night to forming your personal and creative design. The design can be stationary or it could be in motion. They could also be an animation. You can change your design just with the help of a tap on your phone.

Display - Shiftwear


The Shiftwear shoes have the capability to form a network between the shoes and the user’s app there are two options available Bluetooth and WiFi, mainly for the designs to be changed and to be created. There are no other options and tools to be used on the shoes yet but they would be looked into in the coming time.

Network - Shiftwear


There is only a limited set of colors available in the market till now. We can also get our own colors customized if we pay more for it. The available colors are only black, red, green, blue and yellow.

Color - Shiftwear


What’s in the box?

Like every other gadget, Shiftwear shoes come with the shoes itself and their batteries in the box. The batteries are rechargeable. The shoes have the electronic display fixed on them already. There is no need to change the display screens as they change with the help of one click of the button which is on the shoes for the designs to be seen in the dark.

Purchase method

These shoes can be looked over on its website from almost every country around the world. They can be pre-ordered directly from their website.


There is a certain storage temperature range for these shoes which ranges from -25° Celsius to 70° Celsius. However, the shoes’ working speed begins to deteriorate when the temperature begins to go below 0° Celsius. So, this article intends to brace you up for the upcoming newest Fashion of technology – the future of the footwear, which saves your money to buy multiple shoes and makes more space in your closets. Your wait is required only until the end of this very year!

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