Slow Carb Diet- featured

Following the slow carb diet (SCD), you can rapidly burn fat by avoiding foods that promote fat storage. 84% of people lost weight by following slow carb diet, the average weight which was lost by most people was 8.6 pounds. By following the instructions given below you can surely lose 20 pounds in a month.

Your Diet in a Nutshell

Slow Carb Diet- nutshell

You have to eat meat, beans, and vegetables and you have to cut off “white” starchy carbohydrates fruits, sugar and white foods from your diet. White foods include food items like bread, potatoes, rice, grains, and pasta. You also cannot eat fried chicken if you are following slow carb diet.

Eat Protein and Vegetables and Legumes

Slow Carb Diet- protein diet

You must include protein, legumes, and vegetables in your diet. Vegetables should include those which have low carbohydrates in them. Vegetables that have low carb includes cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, and cucumber. We can obtain proteins in our diet from meat, chicken breast, beef, Fishes, and eggs. A diet which is based on protein and vegetables contains all the basic vitamins that are necessary to keep you healthy. Having proteins in your diet is very useful as it can reduce obsessive thoughts about food, it also reduces the desire for late night snacks. Legumes include lentils, red beans, and soya beans.

Don’t Eat Fruit

Slow Carb Diet- don't eat fruit

I know it is shocking to hear that don’t eat fruit as we all know that fruits are very healthy for a person but the case with an overweight person is somewhat different, if an overweight person eats fruit than he puts up more fat on his body as carb content in some fruits is very high and easily digested, it raises your blood sugar and puts more fat on your body. So, you also have to refrain from eating fruits.

Take One “Cheat Day” a Week

Slow Carb Diet- cheat day

You can eat whatever you want on cheat days. But just keep only one cheat day per week so that it does not disturb your diet. Most people eat carbohydrates, starches, and sugary products on cheat days. Almost 61% people eat sweets on their cheat day.

Ideal Breakfast

Slow Carb Diet- ideal breakfast

The ideal breakfast should compose of 30 grams of proteins. Eggs are the most important part of breakfast because they can boost success rate by 10%. You can also have vegetables in your diet.

Drink Coffee or Tea

Slow Carb Diet- coffee

Here comes a benefit for the coffee and tea lovers. If you are a coffee or tea drinker you can drink as much as you want as caffeine present in them can boost your metabolism by 3-11% and you can lose weight easily. But you have to drink unsweetened coffee or tea without milk or cream. You can drink coffee with cinnamon instead of cream and tea with lemon.

Avoid Sugary Drinks and Fruit Juices, Drink Water

Slow Carb Diet- avoid sugar

Sugary drinks and fruit juices put lots of fat on your body because each serving contains more than 100 calories. If you want to lose weight you have to avoid sugary drinks and juices. Water, on the other hand, has zero calories and zero carbs so you should prefer to drink water instead of energy drinks and fruit juices.

Sticking to the Diet when Eating Out

Slow Carb Diet- stick to diet while eating out

If you have to go out at dinner with family or friends and you also have to follow your diet plan then you have to prefer those dishes which will not disturb your diet such as Thai curry or soups without rice and salad without cheese. You can also have lentils, low carb vegetables, roasted, baked or grilled proteins with vegetables.

Sticking to the Diet while Travelling

Slow Carb Diet- stick to diet while traveling

You also have to stick to your diet whenever you are traveling to some other place. You can entertain yourself by many food items during traveling such as you can take with yourself nuts, nut butter, canned beans and also protein powder which you can mix in water and can drink it.

Eat Your Food Slowly

Slow Carb Diet- eat slowly

The people who eat fatty gains more weight so if you want to lose your weight you have to eat your food slowly as it boosts weight-reducing hormones.

Going to Gym

Slow Carb Diet- gym

You can also lose weight by going to gym 3 times in a week. You can do lots of things there such as you can warm up there, can lift weights also by doing this you can lose much of your weight. If you can’t lift weights there are also other options like running and jogging. By going to the gym and exercising at least 3 days in a week you can burn off more than 500 calories.

Exercising build your muscles. The more muscles you have, the more calories you use up, and the more calories you will burn and the more weight you will be able to lose. In the gym, we work out with weights. Exercising not only help in reduction of weight but can also reduce the blood pressure. Before using weights, you have to keep in mind one thing that heavier weights are used for squats and lighter weights are used for triceps works.

A Typical Day for those People who follow Slow Carb Diet

The people who follow the Slow Carb Diet and who wish to follow slow carb diet should eat three meals in a day.

  • They should eat breakfast no later than one hour after waking up. Breakfast should include protein source for such as egg. And it should also include low carb vegetables.
  • They should have their lunch after 4 hours of breakfast. You can include legumes and again low carb vegetables in your lunch.
  • And finally, they should eat their dinner after 6-8 hours of lunch. You can have frozen chicken cooked in boiling water then fried with olive oil in your dinner. In addition to this, you can also have legumes and low carb vegetables.


Slow Carb Diet- exercise

You can also lose weight by walking, if you walk for 1 hour at a 4 mile per hour pace, you can burn up to 1000 calories, but in spite of walking if you run you can lose more weight. Exercising for 30 to 60 minutes a day is also recommended by a doctor, as it is an easy and cheap activity you don’t have to join any gym for it.

Also, walking on uneven surfaces such as sand and hills enables you to remove excess fat from your body. Jogging can also help you in losing your weight. So, this is the easiest and cheap way to lose weight. Walking, running and jogging are all forms of different exercises Exercising particularly means mobility. If our body will continue to move you will surely burn calories. Riding a cycle is also a form of exercising so you can also ride a bicycle.

You can surely lose weight if you follow all the above instructions and particularly follow the slow carb diet. So what are you waiting for? Start following the low carb diet from today and you’ll get the desired results.

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