Smoothie King Feedback - Avail $1 Discount from Smoothie King Survey

Smoothie King Feedback is the online survey portal at from Smoothie King Company. You may like smoothie if you are a health conscious person because the smoothie is a blended fruit drink and Smoothie King offers some of the best drinks in town. The actual goal of Smoothie King Company is to provide its customers nutritious and healthy drink so that it may help in boosting their immune system and losing weight at the same time. After such a long time in the business, smoothie king wants to know how the customers feel about their drinks and services. For the purpose, they have introduced a customer satisfaction survey at which is gonna deliver all of your concerns directly to the company.

In return for your feedback and effort to complete the smoothie king feedback, you’ll get a Free coupon code at the end of the survey which you can redeem for $1 discount on your next Smoothie king visit. Help smoothie king after your every visit by giving your feedback and they’ll help you in getting amazing discounts on every purchase.

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Rules for Completing Smoothie King Feedback Survey

You shouldn’t ignore the survey invitation if you frequently visit Smoothie King. According to the survey invitation, you get $1 off when you complete your smoothie King Survey. This offer is quite interesting since you can enjoy your smoothie at such an affordable price. Before starting the Smoothie King Feedback survey, you should know the rules applied to this survey.

  • The participant must be a legal resident of Cuba, Korea or the United States.
  • You must be 18 years old to give feedback on the survey.
  • Smoothie King Employees are not allowed to enter the feedback survey.
  • Smoothie King limits your frequency of participation in the once every 15 days.
  • The validation code cannot be used with other offers.
  • You can redeem the discount code in the first 30 days after completing the survey. After that, the code will expire.

How to complete the Smoothie King Feedback Survey: Step by Step Guide

Smoothie King Feedback Survey

  • Visit Smoothie King Feedback Survey Page
    You can access the survey website at There is a receipt sample of the Smoothie King which will make it easier for you to locate and fill out the survey invitation details.
  • Enter Smoothie King Store Number
    On the top of your receipt, there will be a store number. If you lose your receipt then don’t worry, by using store locator feature at, you can find the store number. When you enter your location, the site will give you all the details of outlet including the address and phone number.
  • Select the date
    Click on the small boxes to select the day, month and year. Check your receipt if you don’t remember the exact date on which you visited Smoothie King Outlet.
  • Select the time
    You have to indicate the minutes and hour when the transaction took place. You can get the records on the smoothie king feedback survey invitation receipt.
  • Answer the Smoothie King Survey Questions
    Now, this is the main part of the Smoothie King Survey. Just answer every question that appears on your screen. To answer the questions properly, recall your latest smoothie king experience and rate every service based on your overall satisfaction.
  • Write the Smoothie King Validation code
    After finishing the survey, you will receive a $1 off coupon code which you have to write on the receipt. You can claim your reward on your next visit by showing the code to the cashier and purchasing something to get $1 discount.

Smoothie King Feedback - Avail  Discount from Smoothie King Survey

Questions To get Smoothie king feedback Validation code

How was your visit to Smoothie King? It would either be pleasant or unpleasant. Smoothie King wants to know your feedback and your experience and they will get to know all about this by the questions you answer on the survey. This Smoothie chain always welcomes your feedback. It is because that’s how the company evaluates their weaknesses and they make sure to get rid of them.

Here is the guide for the questions you will be asked during the Smoothie King Feedback Survey:

  • Overall satisfaction
    Like the common satisfaction survey, you have to rate your experience at their outlet. Click on the number that represents your satisfaction level from 1 to 5. 1 represents Highly Satisfied and 5 represents Highly Dissatisfied.

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  • The menu you ordered
    In this part, you have to indicate the menu you ordered. You can select more than one item.
  • Satisfaction with the specific issue
    Now it’s your chance to give the opinion about the certain aspect of the outlet. Firstly rate the menu items and their taste. Then review the cleanliness of the outlet and accuracy of the menu. Then rate the speed of order arrival and friendliness of the team members of the outlet. Give your honest smoothie king feedback.
  • Return and Recommend
    Next, indicate your problems if you faced any at Smoothie King. Secondly, mention if you will visit or recommend this smoothie king outlet to somebody within the next 30 days.
  • Comments
    In this section, you are free to comment and give your views about the Smoothie King services or food. You can also write your complains about the outlet in this section.
  • The visit information
    State how many times you visited Smoothie King Outlet in the last 30 days. Also, mention either it was this outlet or other.
  • The reasons for visiting Smoothie King
    There could be many reasons that make you visit this Smoothie King outlet. Mention the reasons that make you visit this outlet. It could be the Smoothie or their ingredients for the health conscious people or any other item from the menu. Furthermore, the reason could be the discount offer as well. Also, mention the reason the reason for buying their smoothie.
  • Demographic Questions
    These questions are optional. If you are concerned about your privacy, you can skip these questions. These questions are about your gender, income age, the place where you live, your background etc.

Contact Smoothie King

  • Smoothie king customer service number: 1-800-577-4200
  • Official Website:
  • Official Survey website:
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