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Snapchat emojis are smileys or a way to express your feelings without writing anything. The snapchat emojis represent different emotions or things like your objects, places, about whether animals and most important your facial expressions and unhidden moods. People use friend list emojis, stickers and trophies etc. Because of love for emoji, snap chat has introduced a wide range of emojis for its users. Each emoji come up with a different message and meaning.

These emojis kept on growing as a language and the graphical representation is still developing with new features according to the demand and taste of users throughout the globe. Though it seems to be an emoji, many times it conveys what words can’t express. Convey your reactions, emotions, and expressions by using the cute snap chat emojis.

How to get your snapchat emojis?

snapchat emojis

Follow the steps to get your favorite and customized snap chat emojis to see and use

  1. In your profile screen, tap the top in the right-hand corner.
  2. β€˜MANAGE’ using additional services option.
  3. Tap on “friend emojis” option.
  4. Now tap on friend emoji to get your select emoji.
  5. Choose, use and enjoy.

Addition of snapchat emojis/ how to separate snapchat emojis

You can add you’re desirable emoji in caption box either by shifting to the snapchat emojis keyboard. This way, you can add and use Bitmoji, different illustrated smiley stickers. You can resize emojis according to your wish.

Follow the steps listed below:

  1. To get stickers palette, tap the stickers’ icon on the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Tap on your desirable sticker (sticker you want to add).
  3. Tap then drag it and make it move around the picture/ photo.
  4. Pinch to make sticker according to your desired size. (Small or big).
  5. Rotate the sticker by turning off your fingers.
  6. If you want to remove it, tap, drag and move it to trash.

Meanings of Snap chat emojis

snapchat emojis- meanings of snapchat emojis

Snap chat has a total number of 12 emojis which are cool enough to use for both sender and receiver. The emojis you send to another person is private and you can only see them. They are pretty convenient to use. These snapchat emojis appear “NEXT TO FRIENDS” on your list of friends. How to interact with your friends and family, to express awful greetings or to share the joy and fun never miss its use. Snap chat emojis get the timely update to maintain your interest level. Some are very popular and some are still trying to make their way to your hearts.

Snap chat emojis are listed below:

Yellow heart

Sending this emoji means that you are the number one best buddies to each other. You are sending each other snaps frequently. Your interaction with each other is at the top. It appears as you are the best, best friends.

snapchat emojis- yellow heart

Gold Star

The gold star indicates that this person’s snap has been replaced by someone else in the last 24 hours. They have something cool for you to show. This is one of the popular and super cool emoji of snap chat.

snapchat emojis- gold heart

Red Heart

After Yellow heart, there is Red heart and it means that you are great BFs and it appears if you remain each other’s best friends for a duration of 2 weeks. So sweet friendship gesture!

snap chat emoji- red heart

Pink Hearts

Pink hearts are a symbol of a dedication of your best friend for two months in a row. If the username of your friend shows, it is the indication that you both are SUPER BEST FRIENDS FOREVER for a whopping couple of month. It also depicts that you have been your buddy’s best and most frequent snapping friend in this period. The beautiful pink hearts are a strong dedication to your friendship. Lovely!

snapchat emojis- pink heart


Baby is a frosty expression for the new friend. It indicates that this friend is just added. Welcome to new friends.

snap chat emojis- baby

Face with Sunglasses

This snap chat emoji represents that your BF is also one of their best friends. The smiley wearing glasses means that you use to send a lot of snaps to your best friend and they also keep sending a lot of them to others. One of the nipping emoji which lots of people use on daily basis illustrates mutual best friends.

snapchat emojis- sunglasses

Grimacing Face

This emoji comes up with bared teeth which we mostly express when a situation is not in our favors or maybe when a mistake has been done. On snap chat, this emoji being username depicts that your best friend is also anyone else’s best friend. Sharing best friend is such an awful thing so grimace emoji. This emoji was added to emoji 1.0 two years back in 2015.

snapchat emojis- grimacing face

Smirking Face

It is a roguish emoji but be careful and don’t confuse it with the unhappy face. If you see this emoji next to your snap chat contact, then it clearly donates that your BF is not your BF. When you send them many snaps and you don’t get back snaps frequently. Awkward! It was added in emoji almost two years back in 2015.

snapchat emojis- smirking face

Smiling face

This smiley has rosy cheeks, smiling face with smiling eyes. You’ll often see this smiley on snap chat as it is one of the most popular smileys on snap chat. It means that you love you best friend and consider them your number one best friend, make them feel special by snapping them often but you don’t come at the top in their friend’s list. They are your friends but not best friends.

snapchat emojis


If you are having this emoji besides username, the orangish yellow fiery flame will pomp that you are on β€œSNAP STREAK”. The fire flame means that you are one of the super active users of snap chat and you are constantly snapping with your friend and the friend is also getting back to you on daily basis. The back and forth snapping is the indication and the fire increases as the number of days increase.

snapchat emojis- fire


100 out of 10 in exams, the indication of a perfect achievement, the smiley originates from it. A commonly used smiley with snap stickers.This smiley means the perfect and real sentiment. It can be used to express pride, success, and perfection. In snap chat emojis, if this smiley appears beyond user’s name along with fire smiley, it’ll represent 100 complete days of your snap streak. The smiley got approval from Unicode in 2010. Congrats! Your 100 days in a row!

snapchat emojis- 100


This smiley is a reminder that your fire snap streak is about to end. Keep it alive and active by sending the snap to each other else it’ll end soon. It indicates that after the fire, from past 24 hours you haven’t exchanged snaps and getting rid of it is easy. Simply send a snap to your best friend. Remember your audio is not your snap, send a video or picture to end it.

snapchat emojis- hourglass

Ghost Emojis

If you want to scare someone, use this emoji. You can also insert it in your chats as Halloween symbol as well. It was added to the list of emojis 1.0 back in 2015.

snapchat emojis- ghost emojis

Birthday Cake

Happy birthday to your friend. It appears when it’s the birthday. You have to enable this feature from your settings. Only then you will see it among snap chat emojis. Wonderful!

snapchat emojis

Purple Zodiac Emojis

It pops up with your relevant zodiac sign according to your date of birth. First turn it on from settings then you’ll get an emoji of purple color beyond your name.

snapchat emojis

Chat Status

It indicates that your friend is back to view your chat and reply you back.

snapchat emojis- status

Official stories

These smileys normally come up for accounts that are verified officially. This includes crown, siren, high heeled emoji etc …

snapchat emojis- stories

Snap chat emoji tricks

You can change the emojis with this trick and you can get your loveable emoji which you want to see with your friend’s username.

snapchat emojis- tricks

Follow them:

  1. Navigate camera tab on your snap chat.
  2. Tap the ghost icon, it’ll pull down on screen.
  3. Tap on the top right gear icon to go to settings.
  4. Settings, go to “ADDITIONAL SERVICES”…
  5. Now tap friend emojis, choose from the list the corresponding emoji.

Innovations and updates in snap chat emojis 2017

snapchat emojis- innovations and updates

Snap chat updates its emojis every now and then to maintain the user’s interest. Recently in 2017 best friend emoji has been shifted to friend’s emoji. Older versions of snap chats were different in terms of smileys and updated versions have few more amazing and lively emojis. The best friend feature was gone in Jan 2015 which was a huge disappointment for many of the users. But still, snap chat is claiming that this wonderful emoji will be back soon once the privacy issues get resolved.

Bitmoji… your personal Snap chat Emoji

snapchat emojis- bitmojis

This is your personal emoji and its fun to use it. Use it on snap chat by following the listed below steps:

  1. First, create a cartoon avatar. It should be expressive.
  2. From your sticker library, choose any of your favorite.
  3. Now use Bitmoji in your conversations.

People are loving this app as they can change all according to their needs. They get a lot of more choices in colors, wears, and hair. It would be great if you try it! Totally something creative for you.

How you can move your snap chat emojis

snapchat emojis

When you complete your shooting videos in the app, now make sure to add emoji from top right corner, tap and hold on the part that is moving in the video. You will see the emoji floating and moving all around. Must try this chilly thing. Snapchat emojis is the really unique feature which assigns relevant smileys to people who send and receive them for fun and emotions too. They get updates and they keep on turning to be better with time.

Many people would be curious to know the meaning of these snapchat emojis so to use them accordingly. Snap chat made this feature for you so you keep on enjoying your chats and sometimes when words are not enough to express you can use them. Love them.

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