Social Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility

Social & corporate marketing responsibility

Social marketing and corporate social responsibility are correlated with each other. First of all, we will see the definitions of both the terms separately. Then will discuss the relationship among them.

Social Marketing

Social marketing is a business idea which is applied to increase awareness about a social welfare campaign. It is based on the concept to determine the basic needs wants, desires and satisfaction of the customers. This is more efficiently and speedily works than the company’s competitors. It predominates the market trends and enhances the well-being of consumers and society. It is the concept which company takes for a decision on the wishes, likes customer’s needs and also in company’s interest.

social marketing and corporate social responsibility

The social marketing that is practiced in the cases could be characterized as cause-related marketing. This means that the general purpose of these programmers is to deliver mutual benefit for both consumers and partners of the program. This applies to such programs in which are the combination of both social marketing and product sales. We can say, when the consumers are taking a decision about what they are going to by possibly they are not thinking about their own profits instead of the environmental conditions and public interest, for example, the gadgets which consume less energy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

It is a code of conduct and action beyond what is required by laws, regulations and trade rules. CRS is the startup of any corporation to own responsibility for the well-being of its company’s effects on economy, society, and environment.

It is the responsibility that a company takes for the well-being of the society and the people who really are the needy ones. In this processing company and the customers both are in contact with this responsibility to spare some part of their income for the ones who can’t afford the facilities of the daily life. For example, if someone is buying a pair of shoes, the company will spare a pair for the person in need, that’s how benefit will be circulated in the overall society. It can also be used for the society’s well-being. T o get more details. Investopedia

Corporate social responsibility has another name “Corporate citizenship” and involve incurring short term costs which do provide an instant financial profit to the company, but it promotes the better and positive social and environmental change.

How Unilever is Working on Corporate Social Responsibility

A multinational company named Unilever is a food and beverage sector and they have a comprehensive CSR strategy. In the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indexes, company is ranked ‘Food Industry leader’ for 11 consecutive years and in the ‘Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World,’ it had been ranked 7th.

Unilever has taken has unique initiatives of ‘sustainable tea’ program. It is a partnership-based program with the Rainforest Alliance, Unilever aims to source all of its Lipton and PG Tips tea bags from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms since 2015. The Rainforest Alliance offers farms a way to differentiate their products as being socially economically and environmentally sustainable.

social marketing and corporate social responsibility- lipton

They have taken a major initiative that is ‘sustainable tea’ program. This program is based on a partnership and collaborated with the Rainforest Alliance. The company aims to source all its Lipton tea bags from Rainforest Alliance that are certified by the farms of Rainforest Alliance since 2015. Unilever farms are offered a way to differentiate their products to be socially and economically sustainable by Rainforest Alliance Certification and that is a beneficial idea of Unilever. It is a way to respond to our corporate social responsibility.

Now we can more effectively and precisely correlate both the terms as we have understood the definition of both so Social marketing and corporate social responsibility is a big debate of the stakeholders as it is believed that social marketing is an initiative for the well-being and the sake of the society and converting the negative perceptions and attitudes to the positive ones.

social marketing and corporate social responsibility

In addition to this, the analysts believe that we should talk and move our focus towards the social marketing.The corporate social responsibility and social issues are obviously for the well-being of the deprived people of the society. It is also profitable for the companies and their rankings flying above their competitors in the business markets.

Bernard Okhakume about CSR

social marketing and corporate social responsibility

Bernard Okhakume (a brand management consultant) on talking to “Daily Times” told about the social marketing and corporate social responsibility. “The battle in the business empire is now immense. Business world invests to benefits the society instead of their main aims like profits, efficiency, production, and jobs etc.”.

He further said, “In CRS if someone wants to make a project successful, many factors are necessary to be focused. The projects have to be sustainable, topics must contain all the ethical standards. They should be sensitive to society’s needs, supported by the employees, should create the planned effect on the focused audience.”

“The main cause of social marketing is to seek the answer to a social problem. It is to bring positive change in the focused audience. For example, driving save, eating healthy food, reduction in the use of drugs is such topics. Concrete products are also marketed in social marketing”.


social marketing and corporate social responsibility

Grasping all, under the supervision of corporate social responsibility title, the corporations present their projects. The terms which are frequently used in these projects are CSR and the social marketing. These are the type of projects which help corporations to become more reputable and preferred by the focused audience. Now it’s a matter of increasing practices so the corporation can become conscious about these terms and have a clear concept.

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