Solo female traveling- featured

 Solo female traveling is a unique experience for women traveling alone and it builds up the confidence. Traveling is a hobby for most of the people in the world. There are countless women who love to have solo trips and they travel around the world and amuse themselves as they cook, enjoy, explore and manage on their own. Always do the things that give you happiness and if you want to have a solo female traveling then don’t wait and plan a destination. Many good and bad experiences which give you chance to learn.

Things to do & tips and for the solo female travelers

Here are some important things and tips for the solo female travelers before leaving and throughout the tour with the recommendations of some places to visit as well.


Solo female traveling- preparations

First, make your vacations because solo trips are good and enjoyable when you are free from work. Then have a look at your budget and think where and why you want to go. Select the destination according to your choice and mood. Make a plan wisely and get off for a beautiful solo female traveling. Always try to be bold and open so you enjoy more. Make your dreams come true.

Solo Female Travelling (Destinations)

Solo female traveling- destinations

Most of the women wish to travel alone but they feel scared and insecure but amazingly there are several destinations which are so safe and beautiful and they always welcome you. So here is a list of solo female traveling destinations. Most girls tend to enjoy their own company.

Berlin, Germany

Solo female traveling- Berlin

Berlin always attracts many solo women visitors towards itself. The reason includes it is not so crowded and a peaceful city. Moreover, it’s a developed city and has a very low crime rate and people are loving so you can mix up with others easily.

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Solo female traveling

The safe and secure country includes itself in the list of most adventurous countries of the world. The basic necessities of life are cheap and easily available without much crowd. There is no hustle bustle and there are many beautiful destinations to visit here.

Bayfield, Wisconsin

Solo female traveling- Bayfield

Enjoy your solitude in the country where there is negligible crime rate. No fear of being alone even at day or night. The city is cool with so many restaurants, hotels and parks and many other places to explore. There are a lot of caves in this city. The city accommodates friendly people.

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Big Sur, California

Solo female traveling- Big Sur

If you like camping then it’s the perfect destination for solo girls traveling. People are friendly and confident, you’ll love to visit the city again. The city is famous for having beautiful, tall and old trees. It has natural beauty and scenes. Weather, nature, and destinations all are mesmerizing.

Ylläs, Finland

Solo female traveling- finland

It is a city with so many lights, it’s safe, mostly the weather remains very cold. It has no crime rate and solo females have the freedom to enjoy without feeling any danger. The city attracts you with its fascinating scenes which you won’t miss.


Solo female traveling- Iceland

The most trustworthy people live here who would love to welcome you and Iceland are the safest country in the world. You don’t have to worry about your possessions. People are loving and confident. The city should be your 1st choice to visit if you are making a plan to travel solo.

El Chaltén, Argentina

Solo female traveling- Argentina

For hikers and rock climbers females, the country is super cool. Many destinations are unique which you need to visit and explore so go there because it’s beautiful and peaceful.

Maui, Hawaii

Solo female traveling- Hawaii

The city designs special camps for solo female travelers to enjoy and amuse themselves. It also welcomes the females who love sports activities. It’s different because of its culture and moderate weather. It has low crime rate so you don’t need to think before having a visit.

Yubeng, China

Solo female traveling- China

You’ll be surprised to see how relaxed, loving and welcoming the people are. This is a rural area so there are almost no crime rates in this city. You’ll feel delighted after having a tour. It’s a safe city and your self-esteem is the priority of people.

The Karoo, South Africa

Solo female traveling- The Karoo

Though South Africa has a high crime rate in cities this is a countryside and so isolated and far from crowded areas. Here crime rate is low. You’ll enjoy unique activities and awesome food here. So it’s a logical destination for female solo travelers.

Safety Measures

Solo female traveling- safety measures

Here are some tips for the Solo female traveling that should be followed for a better and memorable trip:

  • Always follow your gut feelings.
  • Leave the place at once if you are not feeling comfortable.
  • Always be positive and remain aware of your surroundings.
  • Always try to talk to locals and take some safety tips and directions
  • Try to enjoy being alone.
  • Always be in contact with people.
  • Pack your luggage according to weather.
  • Always keep your belongings in a locker.

Benefits of Travelling solo

Solo female traveling- Benefits of travelling solo

  • It makes you confident and how to face the world alone.
  • You become fearless and courageous.
  • You become mature enough to know how to face and solve any problem.
  • You’ll have a drastic change in your personality. You’ll become an optimist and fun loving.
  • You learn how to depend on yourself only.
  • You successfully collect fascinating memories and become bold and cool.

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