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Traveling has a very vital role in our lives because it gives us the freedom to think, relax, observe, learn, & gather information on different aspects of life. Traveling also gives us the exposure to new things, nature, and the creativity. Sometimes the best travel companion you can have is your own self. Traveling solo makes your experiences more meaningful and you will be more satisfied.
You should always keep the know-how about the places you desire to travel solo, the history, and traditions of those places to keep your trip memorable. Now the question is which places should be visited as a solo traveler? Following are the top 11 solo travel destinations.

11 Solo Travel Destinations

Paris, France

solo travel destination-Paris

Paris also called the city of lights is the place that every traveler desires of visiting. When talking about the solo travel destinations Paris is the most part of that list. You can travel all alone and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Paris and it doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a teenager. The most beautiful places to visit in travel during your trip as a solo traveler are Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Cruise on the Seine and Disneyland.
There are most beautiful bed and breakfasts in Paris and these are the best places to make new friends. While traveling solo in Paris you should keep Google map or guidebook to your phone or device. Stay in well-lit areas while walking alone during the night. Wear comfortable shoes as your feet will get tired while walking on the roads of Paris.

Costa Rica, North America

solo travel destinations

Costa Rica is located on the continent of North America. It is one of the best options if you are looking for some beautiful solo travel destinations and want some adventure and other recreational activities during your trip. It is also famous as the world’s happiest country. You will never feel lonely here because there are plenty of exciting adventures to do during your solo travel. This country has never seen political issues and is one of the calmest places in the world. The best tourist attractions of this country are Poas Volcano, Cerro Chirripo, Playa Conchal, Lake Arenal and Samara Beach.

If you are visiting Costa Rica for the first time, be prepared to send as it is a pricey country to visit in Latin America, travel during the rainy season for reduced room rates. Beware of the rain and keep dry bags for valuables. Get connected with the culture and you will never feel like an outsider.

Seville, Spain

solo travel destination- seville

Seville is a highly recommended for solo travel destinations. It is the capital and largest city of Spain founded by Romans over 2200 years ago. This city is easy to navigate on foot as landmarks are within walking distance of each other. Seville blissfully blends the best of food and socializing. Best timing to explore this city is spring as most important events take place in this season.
The best sights of Seville are Giralda, Torre Del Oro, Metropol Parasol, Isla Magica Plaza Nueva. This city isn’t cheap so consider the card a discounted pass to save on funds, be cautious at all times and stay safe in most of the areas especially at nights.

New York City, United States

solo travel destination- nyc

Solo travel destinations include NYC as it is not complicated and dangerous as most people think. NYC is the city of endless attractions and is an ideal solo travel destination. The most fantastic ways to spend time in NYC alone are by visiting Art Museums, eating at the bar, seeing a movie, wandering the streets and people watch.
You can make your trip most memorable by visiting Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, High Line, Central Zoo Park and Chinatown. During your stay beware of your neighborhood, valuables and make sure you are safe while walking. Take some simple precautions and you are all set to enjoy all the Big Apple has to offer in style.

Nepal, South Asia

solo travel destination- Nepal

Nepal is filled with valleys, mountains, hills and cultural heritage. When we talk about solo travel destinations there won’t be any problem in traveling to Nepal but avoid going to mountain area alone. Nepal is quite safe and the locals are very friendly to tourists. Nepal has a wide range of worth-seeing places and entertaining activities for everyone. Many regions of Nepal are famous for hiking and trekking.
Top sights of Nepal are Chitwan National Park, Annapurna Massif, Boudhanath, Thamel, and Manaslu. During your stay be sure to use a fine accommodation place. Do not carry lots of money with you and dress modestly. Keep few things in your mind and enjoy your solo trip. Traveling alone can be a bit tricky when taking photos, so what would be better than this, if we get to know interesting ways of taking photos of yourselves when traveling alone.

Cardiff, Wales

solo travel destinations

Cardiff is a port city on the south coast of Wales. It is the greenest city in the United Kingdom. The city offers the best places to stay with the most amazing waterfront views. It is famous for its vast variety of live music venues. Cardiff offers most entertaining places, dining, museums, and shopping. During your stay in Cardiff, you are guaranteed a great and safe night out, with hundreds of places to eat and drink.
Best places to explore during your stay in this city are Cardiff Castle, Cardiff Bay, Bute Park, Senedd, Garth Hill and Barry Island. Cardiff for first-time visitors safe and sound but still you should be careful about your valuables during your visit, the best time to visit is summer, set aside enough time and money for travel and let your family and friends know where you are going.

Cuba, Havana

solo travel destination- cuba

Cuba is best of solo travel destinations and has lots of fun with the most enriching history. It is the most fascinating place, from a social and historical perspective. Cuba captures your imagination and attention as like no other. Cuba is the most appealing, unique, warm and challenging destination. During your stay in Cuba, you will feel safe, connected with locals and you will never feel afraid to try new things. You can enjoy night outs in Cuba, music, dancing, and mojitos.
The top rated tourist’s attractions of Cuba are, Morro Castle, La Cabana, Museum of the Revolution and Finca Vigia so do not miss these sights during your solo trip. Keep in mind that it is not easy to get around in Cuba, you should know where to find WiFi, avoid interacting with officials and don’t forget to click beautiful selfies while standing on the ledge of Morro.

Montreal, Canada

solo travel destination- Montreal

Montreal is famous for its landmarks, fantastic shopping and delicious foods which make it the most exciting travel destination. The best time to plan your solo trip to Montreal is during summers followed by spring than fall. This city is very convenient to explore and navigate using the metro. The restaurants of Montreal are of all budgets and tastes. It is a very safe city for solo travelers whether you travel to Montreal solo for any purpose you will never feel concern for your safety. Just for Laughs festival at the end of July should never be missed.
The best Montreal sights which should never be missed during your stay are Old Montreal, Old Port of Montreal, Mount Royal, La Ronde, La Fontaine Park and Montreal City Hall. Although Montreal is the safest place you should keep an eye on your neighborhood, avoid the big hotels in downtown.

Bali, Indonesia

solo travel destinations
Traveling solo to Bali is quite intimidating as it is the most famous island and it is included in our list of solo travel destinations with forested volcanic mountains. If you are stuck in a rut in a life and you need a change, then the best option is to plan a solo trip to Bali. Bali is famous for all age groups, families and solo travelers. Bali is the best option for budget-conscious solo travelers. The best thing about Bali is its inexpensive accommodations and food, relaxing beaches which are ideal spots for diving, dense forests and stone temples.

The most recommended Bali sights are Tanah Lot, Bali Safari and Marine Park, Uluwatu, Blue Lagoon Beach and Bunder-Bangsring Underwater. Solo female traveling is an adventure too. The things that shouldn’t happen during your trip as a solo traveler are do not ignore island’s culture, excessive drinking and exposing too much flesh on the beach.

Rome, Italy

solo travel destination- Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and is a surprisingly large city. One of the best ways to take in the city is by simply strolling in the streets. It is the most historical place with nearly 3,000 years of globally influential art, architecture and culture on display. While your solo trip to Rome you should not miss the museums and art galleries. The well-known places to visit as a solo traveler are Trevi Fountain, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Ara Pacis.
Travel tips which should be kept in mind for visiting Rome include, keep Google Map with you, be careful with traffic while traveling on roads and purchase your tickets ahead of time. After that have a wonderful trip, do not miss Italian dishes and take lots of pictures.

Ireland, Europe

solo travel destination- Ireland

Ireland located on the continent of Europe, covering 68883 square kilometers of land. It is an island in the North Atlantic. You won’t face any linguistic issues as it is English-speaking. You will find the locals extremely cooperative and friendly. It has world’s most mesmerizing scenery. It is easy to get bus tours of the scenic areas.
Guesthouses are a good option to stay as they are affordable and comfortable. You can get entertaining and brilliant tour guide if you want to. Top sights include Newgrange, Cliffs of Moher, Dublin, Eagles Flying, Titanic Belfast and many others.The tips to be kept in mind are; Do not drink too much, use public transport, be safe and enjoy the magic of Ireland.

Hope you got some best ideas to plan your trip. These places will definitely give you the everlasting memories.


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