10 Points To Run A Successful PPC Campaign - Pay Per Click Campaign


The Secrets Of Successful Pay Per Click Campaign

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click is an online marketing and advertising method where advertiser’s do not pay for ads but they only pay some amount when an ad is clicked. In PPC you can select a keyword that you want your website to be associated with. But you have to keep your budget in your mind because some keywords can cost more but less return on investment is made so that will not be a successful campaign.

10 Points To Run A Successful PPC Campaign

1-Determine Your Goal And Set Budget

First of all, you should decide whether you Pay Per Click campaign is for sales purpose or you want to increase your subscriber or is for awareness purpose. It is better to know it at the start, otherwise, you will be running your advertisement in the wrong direction.

Pay per click

Define your budget because you will be paying money when the ad will be clicked.

2-Choosing and Finalizing Your Keywords

Selection of the keyword is the most important part of Pay Per Click campaign. Selection of right keywords can make your online marketing successful. Use for finding keywords it is a very good tool and there is another tool that Google provide you Keyword Planner.

Keyword Planner- pay per click

This will ensure higher clicks and higher conversion rate as well. By producing different kinds of ad you can monitor any pattern showing which ad is clicked, and which aren’t.

3-Choose Different Keywords

Different Keywords- pay per click

The different keyword will result in higher clicks and higher conversion rate. PPC campaign allow you to make a variation, which means you can have text ads by which you can check CTR or which ad is being clicked.

4-Attention Grabbing Headline

Attention Grabbing Headline- pay per click

Make your ad appealing by adding extra information or attraction. Even if your keyword has a good ranking but you will not get as many visitors.

5-Use Landing Pages

Landing Pages- pay per click

The products you want to sell each should have a landing page and a very clear navigation button to that say Buy our Purchase or you can name it accordingly.

6-Analytics and Reports

Analytics and Reports- pay per click

Use Google Web Analytics that will help you look into you if you are getting more than 50% bounce rate but the high CTR rate then you need to work on your landing pages.

7-Optimize Campaign Regularly

This will ensure better and higher conversion rate. For any specific online business, priority must be given to higher conversion rate rather than higher CTR.

Optimize Regularly- pay per click

So optimize the ad copies along with the landing pages on a regular basis.

8-Follow Search Engine Rules

follow the rules of pay per clickYour ad should not contain vulgar or profane language if it does so, Search Engines will remove your ad snippet. You can look for more on the internet.

9-Do not make your Visitors Fool:

As far as Pay Per Click campaign are concerned, you should never fool the visitor and tell the user about your company. If the visitor come to your website and he does not find the thing that is promised in the ad then it will lead to negative publicity. On the other hand, you will be losing your money.

10-Monitor Your Campaign Regularly

You are the one who is paying for this campaign so it’s very important that you monitor it yourself. You must ensure the high rate of ROI (return on investment). Check the success rate of your campaign and make required changes.Pay Per Click

Campaign Monitor is a useful tool that can help you in monitoring your campaign. It will let you know about your new subscriber and increase in sales.



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