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Traveling and photography have a very vital dependence on each other. To travel without photography can be so boring and dull. Traveling alone is a most entertaining way to explore new places and cherish the beauties of nature. Those people who travel alone, display their photos on sites like Instagram or SnapChat. Luckily, technology has given a lot of relaxation in all aspects of life & you don’t need an extra pair of hands to take best shots of your trip. Following are some tips for taking photos when traveling alone.

Taking Photos When Traveling Alone

Use a Selfie Stick

taking photos when traveling alone- selfie stick

Selfie stick is the most appropriate and smooth way to take photos of yourself when traveling alone. By using selfie stick you control image quality as well. It is the best way to shot photos from different angles like over the top of a crowd or you can also shoot from below. You don’t need to stretch your finger to click the capture button. There are fewer chances that you might drop your cell in the struggle of capturing photos.Usually, when someone else is capturing a photo, you look less natural. So, don’t forget to keep a good quality selfie stick with you for taking photos when traveling alone.

Timed photos

taking photos when traveling alone- timed photos

You can use camera timer while traveling alone to capture the whole background. You can capture photos accordingly with the scenes in which you want to keep your entire body in without any ambiguity. This feature is available on almost all smartphones. If you don’t have timer option on your cell then there are thousands of apps you can download. It would be more interesting to take solo pictures which girls traveling alone and enjoying an adventurous trip with themselves.

You just need to keep the camera on a secure base and set time required to pose. Timed photos seem like someone else has captured them, but the credit goes to technology. You can also use the burst option using a timer and select the best shot to show to your friends or to post on your social apps. The timer is incredibly useful for taking pictures of your own. Master the art of using a timer because when you are traveling alone, you are the only photographer you have.

Remote control your camera

taking photos when traveling alone- remote control camera

The most amazing way to click photos while traveling alone is to remotely control your camera with your smartphone. You can see exactly how you are looking at the picture with the background. There is no time limit while using this feature. There is an option of internal WiFi camera and you just need to connect it to the WiFi on your iPhone. Results of this feature are amazing, you would like this method of taking photos when traveling alone.

Ask a stranger

taking photos when traveling alone - ask a stranger

Ask someone to take your photos when traveling alone. If they are carrying a DSLR there is the probability that they must have good photography skills and will get a decent shot of you. The best practice is to offer them to click their picture first to be polite and then they would offer back without you needing to ask. If the photo is not according to your liking, you can also ask someone else to take your photos.

Use Burst Mode

taking photos when traveling alone- Burst shot

To get more natural and genuine photos during your trip, another way is to use your camera’s rapid fire. It clicks most flawless photos of you. Even if you are using a tripod or asking for someone else’s help, you can use burst mode. Don’t keep the same pose while using the burst option. Different cameras have different settings to use this feature. So whenever you are on a solo trip, keep this trick in your mind while clicking photos to get crisp, clear shots.

Group Activities

Traveling alone doesn’t mean that you are alone in the whole time of your trip. You meet other people from other regions of the world. As a solo traveler, you can sign up for a group day trip and tours and activities as a way to meet people on the road. so, it becomes so convenient to ask other people to take photos of you and with you. While traveling alone one must know about the destinations where they can enjoy alone.

taking photos when traveling alone- group activites

 You meet tour guides and great hosts, who know about the most visited and worth-seeing places of their area or other best places to take photos. the tour guides and hosts will always offer to take your photos and this has been the best way to travel more in-depth and learn so much more during your journey.

Get a tripod

travelling alone- tripod

To take a clear and focused image you can use a tripod with your camera. Setup your camera on a tripod to balance it properly remote your timer and get near some natural light. Using a tripod you don’t need to stretch your forearm to take photos, you know exactly how you are looking at the image and you can reset it accordingly without any time limit.

Tripod is the best and simple way if you are not willing to hand over your expensive camera to strangers in a crowded place. You can click a wider image with all the scenes you want to capture by keeping your entire body in the picture.

SloMo Screenshot

taking photos when traveling alone- SloMO

SloMo video is a cool way of taking clear and natural screenshots of yourself from video other than actual video. Screenshots of actual videos can be blurry but SloMo videos give you perfectly natural images. Try to make videos with the fast moving objects like a waterfall or any animal moving fast. You don’t need another accessory to make a SloMo video and don’t need to be extra conscious of natural poses. This is also a very convenient for taking photos when traveling alone.

Download Photo Editing Apps

taking photos when traveling alone- editors

After clicking a perfect selfie, you can make it far better by using editing options. Some phones have built-in editing options but there are many apps which give best results for photo editing. You can also edit your videos by using such photo/video editing apps. So after clicking various selfies, you can use different options like color correction, adjustments, slapping on a filter, cropping or noise reduction before posting it on social media.

Befriend Other Solo Travelers

taking photos when traveling alone- befriends others

The best thing about traveling alone is that you end up making new friends. During your journey, you meet many other travelers of different cast and culture. You can ask them to capture best shots for you and can enjoy a good company during your trip. Probably most of them know photography skills and help you by clicking photos with mesmerizing beauties of nature. Som people have traveling phobia which stops them from traveling and having fun, they must overcome their travel anxiety to live a life because traveling is life.

Hope you liked the ideas for taking your own pictures while traveling alone. This is the way of making memories & taking photos when traveling alone.


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