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TALKTOWENDY or ( is a Survey Carried out by Wendy’s Food Chain, Customer Satisfaction matters a lot these days as it plays a major role in making or destroying any type of business. To avoid getting destroyed, companies are introducing their online guest experience surveys to ensure quality. The companies are struggling and making their ways to the top. Like everyone else, Wendy’s has also introduced its TalktoWendys  ( Guest Satisfaction Survey to ensure quality and make their customers stay longer.

TalktoWendy’s survey will make you talk directly to the restaurant. The survey will basically let the company know about your opinions and experience at the restaurant. Whether you felt good or bad tell the company about your suggestions and overall experience, so that the restaurant can improve their quality and user experience. Your honest feedback will give Wendy’s a chance to know their good and bad impacts on customers.

The company will use your feedback in order to make improvements to its services, quality, food & other aspects. Give your honest feedback to the company and as an appreciation, Wendy’s will give you a redeemable Coupon code that you can use on your next visit to Wendy’s to save on your meal.

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TalktoWendys Details

TALKTOWENDYS – Basic Requirements 

  • A recent Wendy’s Receipt
  • Any device which can get you online to
  • i.e. Mobile, PC, Laptop or Tablet.

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 TalktoWendys – Step by Step Guide

  • Go to or
  • Select your language i.e. English, Spanish or French.
  • Enter 8 digit Restaurant number, Date of visit & Time of visit printed on your receipt to start the survey.

talk to wendys

  • Also, enter your amount of purchase & your email.
  • Next, think about your last visit to Wendy’s & answer all the question carefully & thoroughly.
  • At last, Enter your personal details to get notification in-case you are the winner of $500 cash.
  • Next, you will get a Redeemable Code from Talktowendy’s survey.
  • Yay! You’ve Completed Wendy’s Survey.

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Contact Wendy’s

Wendys Survey

  • Text or Call: (888)-624-8140
  • Address: The Wendy’s Company One Dave Thomas Blvd., Dublin, OH 43017
  • Website:
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  1. I want to make a complaint. The store at 7355 S.Eastern is where I eat , well not anymore. My Last three visits have been less than satisfaction. I went through the drive through and ordered a #3 . when I got home no fries and my burger was pink inside. Ny next visit I mentioned make sure my fries are there because the last time I didnt get fries. My fries were so burt it was nasty , and again pink in the burger. This last visit I ate in the store. The fries were good, yet the burger was more pink inside than any other. I found it ironic while sitting there I seen a picture of Dave Thomas and the caption read { Quality is our recipe } This is something I haven't recieved in my last three visits. .
    I will not be eating at a Wendy's anytime soon.
    John Carr
    [email protected]

    • Sorry to hear that john, and thanks for sharing your feedback with the readers :)

  2. Julie has good customer service skills. Service was great it was a pleasure seeing how happy everyone was

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