10 Technologies Of Future- They Are Gonna Change The World Soon

With growing need of making human’s life simpler, many people are funding, researching and developing advanced technology. This advanced technology will not only benefit human but the things around us as well. Animal-friendly and eco-friendly technologies are also a part of these funding sources. Let’s mention some top technologies of future which will shape a new and better world to live in.

Technologies of future

Here are some technologies of the future that will soon change the world. This world is gonna be fully controlled with the technology. Some technologies are listed below:


technologies of future- Hyper loop

Judging by its name you can perceive that it’s not only speedy but blazing fast. This is next mode of technologies of future transportation for humans at the average speed of (970 km/h) driven by induction motors and air compressors in a tube. With this speed, one can travel a distance of 6 hours in 35 minutes. It is an open source project by Musk and SpaceX and anyone can experiment to propose a better prototype. It is one of the technologies of future which will surely benefit the people here.

Smart Things

technologies of future- Smart Things

Smart things cannot be neglected while talking about technologies of future. It is a home monitoring kit by Samsung. With this device, you can turn your house smart by connecting your devices with the help of internet. Smart things will work with wide range of devices from light bulbs, switches, sensors, cameras, and doorbells. You can easily integrate it with your smartphones. Imagine coming to your home and feeling like a character from your childhood cartoon “The Jetsons” where their house could be controlled by voice commands.

Driver-less Cars

technologies of future- Driver-less cars

A driver-less car also known as an autonomous car is also one of the technologies of future which is an unmanned self-driving car. This car has high-quality sensors (radar, laser light, GPS, odometer and computer vision) which can sense the environment. Taking in consideration, this tech will produce fewer accidents and no accidents if fully applied on all vehicles. There won’t be any traffic jams and everyone can reach their destination on time.

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Electric Cars

technologies of future- Electric cars

Electric cars work on electric motors using electric ions stored in batteries. Taking cars to more advanced level people are working on ways to merge the electric cars with autonomous cars to make them, even more, fuel efficient, eco-friendly, low budget and low maintenance cars. The General Motors EV1, one of the electric car introduced had a range of 260 km with NiMH battery. People are producing more effective electric cars by the passage of time and this is definitely one of the technologies of future.

Virtual Reality

technologies of future- Virtual Reality

One of the biggest inventions and technologies of future which has a huge impact on nearly every field is Virtual Reality. It’s a head-wear used to produce realistic images and sounds. It is a sensation in which a person can feel himself in a realistic virtual environment created by the computer. Space institutions are using it to train astronauts, it’s being used to train doctors for surgeries and military personnel for military training. Gaming is another experience of this spectacular technology. Imagine yourself being immersed in the games you like to play most.

Artificial Intelligence

technologies of future- AI

Artificial intelligence refers to the thinking ability of a machine to perform actions by itself with a process of learning and comes in the technologies of future. It’s the most criticized invention. Some people think they are good and some think that they destroy good. Artificial intelligence has many fields and currently being used like voice recognition and facial recognition. Robotics is an advanced field of artificial intelligence in which people are building robots to mimic human’s cognitive abilities like learning and problem-solving. Even automated cars are a part of AI. With the passage of time AI is becoming stronger. The time has nearly come to replace humans with machines. This raises a question, is it good or bad? That is left for you to decide.


technologies of future- lifi

Lifi is a wireless communication technology which uses LED instead of radio waves to carry the data. It is gonna be one of the technologies of future as it is worthy of use. Li-Fi uses common household LED’s to communicate data at a very high speed of 229 Gigabits per second. It has more speed than the current 4G technology. With the help of this technology, 8k resolution videos can be downloaded in an instant or streamed online. Immersive 8k experience of online gaming. Li-fi technology is more efficient, fast and low budget in comparison to the current wi-fi technology. It is also good for home automation systems because household LED’s will be used to communicate data in the house for all the devices, thus controlling the house and things with the internet of things and communication of devices

Brain-Controlled Devices

technologies of future- Brain Controlled Devices

Human brain’s study is very vast. and all those logic building and emotions are endless. People are still learning ways to control these things. They have also made so many products which can be controlled by the brain or which can control other things using brain. Imagine you are tired and don’t want to type on your laptop so you just have to use Emotiv EPOC device which will let you control your laptop with your brain. This device can also be used to play the games on your computer or can be used by the handicapped people to use for wheelchairs. There are several other devices available in the market for different purposes.

Wireless Charging

technologies of future- wireless charging

With the increase of devices, people are getting frustrated of mingled wires in homes. For this purpose, people are researching on long-range wireless charging through waves. Currently, wireless charging is implemented by induction of the coil and you have to place the device near the coil for the charging. Researchers are on the edge of completing wireless charging through waves. Imagine you are traveling in an electric car and your car is being charged and at the same time even your phone is being charged through waves towers built in the cities.

Nano solar cells

technologies of future- Nano solar cells

With the increase in population and electronic devices, electricity has become the necessity of mankind. But the production of electricity is not being directly proportional to the growth of population. To cater that resource people use many power sources to generate electricity. One of them is solar energy (getting energy from the sun through silicon chips). But currently, the solar cells are only 20 to 25 percent efficient in producing electricity. For that purpose, researchers have made nano solar cells which are low cost more flexible and more productive as compared to the first generation solar panels because nano cells are 65 % efficient in generating the electricity. With the completion of this project, many countries can sustain their power generation.

Technology is increasing very fast and it will soon take over the world. Hope you like the article, also read this:

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