Best Things to Do In Bogota - Explore the Bogota City

You all are already familiar with the name of a Colombia. Bogota, is the capital and largest city of Colombia, with more than 7 million residents. Things to do in Bogota are very exciting and interesting for the people.

I am a traveler and If you’re a traveler who loves adventure, welcoming people, beautiful scenery and affordability, then Colombia is really for you people. I fell in love with this South American country. So, I spend 3 days in Bogota, three perfect days in Bogota.

Bogota is Colombia’s capital with a high-altitude. The best things about Bogota is it has the nicest people that are incredibly welcoming. On different occasions, I had chats with the different people, whether it was at our hostel, on the street or on the bus.

They are really good and willing to chat with foreigners. Speak to anyone who has traveled to Bogota and they’ll agree, the different things to do in Bogota are wonderful. Moreover, you’ll find your lifelong friendships. There are so many things to do in Bogota that you will really want to visit after reading this article. Cool things to do in Bogota are as follows.

Things To Do In Bogota

The Botero Museum 

things to do in bogota

It is situated in a renovated colonial house. The Botero Museum houses are one of the most important international art collections of Latin America. The highlights of this awesome museum are several halls spread over two floors dedicated to all things chubby, hands, oranges, women, mustached men, children, birds, and different Colombia leaders.

Enjoy the Scenery at Cerro de Monserrate 

unique things to do in Bogota

Cerro de Monserrate is also called the mountain guardian of Bogota and it is located on the high upon the Andes Mountains like watching over the city. It is 3,152 meters (10,341 ft) mountain in the middle of the city. It gives you the most magnificent and beautiful views of the city of Bogotá.

You can reach there by getting a cable car. There are some amazing things to do in Miami as well. There is a church with a shrine up there, restaurants and a market for souvenirs and local delicacies such as coca tea. You should definitely give it a try.

Know the Facts About Plaza de Bolivar 

cool things to do in bogota

Plaza de Bolivar is the main square in the La Candelaria neighborhood. It is in the heart of Bogotá which is filled with vendors, tourists, and friendly pigeons. The square features the National Capitol building, the City Mayor’s Office which is a Palace of Justice and the Cathedral of Bogota. There is a statue known as Simon Bolivar which was created in 1846 by Italian Pietro Tenerani. It is the first public monument in Bogota.

Visit the La Candelaria 

unique things to do in bogota

It is the historical and cultural center of Bogota. It is undoubtedly the bohemian neighborhood of Bogota and the place to be. With a lot of tourists, It is a great place to walk around and lose yourself in the quaint alleyways and the cobblestone streets; house to many Spanish colonial buildings, wooden cathedrals and street art everywhere.

Tout the Casa de Narino 

things to do in bogota

The Casa de Narino is the workplace of the President of Colombia. One of the most significant heroes of the independence process was raised from here in 1765. It is the most interesting tour of the city. Inside, you can see some of the country’s most iconic art, decoration, and politics.

Lost in Villa de Leyva 

cool things to do in bogota

Villa de Leyva is a Spanish town. It has been left with no modernization at all. A visit to Villa de Leyva is a lovely side trip. You can easily do it in a day but if you stay an overnight or two it will be more awesome. It is a place with original buildings and cobblestone streets. The square is one of the most popular Bogota attractions, with a small fountain.

Enjoy at Zona Rosa

nightlife in bogota

It is another great place in Bogota. You can see Bogota party scene, Bogota nightclub in Bogota nightlife Zona Rosa. It consists of so many high-end restaurants, malls, boutique stores, European-style bars, luxurious lounges, and exclusive nightclubs. Zona Rosa is Bogota’s major nightlife district. People who like clubbing will find many options from mixes of western music and Colombian music to techno and electronic pop.

Visit the Gold Museum

cool things to do in bogota

The splendid Gold Museum is the most popular museum in Colombia. Here you will discover how metals, especially gold, were used in the societies that used to live in the area which today is called as Colombia. There are 3 floors filled with more than 6,600 pieces on display including masks, breastplates, crowns, bowls, jewelry, offerings, and armor.

Checkout the Salt Cathedral 

unique things to do in bogota

There is the world famous salt cathedral. It is carved within a salt mine 180 meters (590 ft) underground. Roswell Garavito was the artistic designer of the new salt Cathedral. After selecting the project that had a total of 44 proposals in a contest organized by the Colombian Architects Society in 1990, it was approved. It is also an amazing place to spend an entire day.

Walk into Usaquen Streets

Best Things to Do In Bogota - Explore the Bogota City

It feels like a small local town. It is a very popular place with a different number of restaurants, live music shows, and shopping. If you are in Bogota, don’t miss to visit the flea market on Sunday because it showcases lots of typical handicrafts. The great and famous Hacienda Santa Barbara shopping mall is also located here.

People who love travel and want to explore Bogota are very lucky because different things to do in Bogota offers you a lot of interesting things to know. Bogota is developing a new reputation very fastly as one of the most exciting and culturally diverse cities in Latin America. The friendly people and wonderful scenes only add to the amazing atmosphere that this city exudes. There are other things which you can also do in Bogota or the best things about Bogota are as follows:

Dance The Night Away

nightlife in bogota

In Bogota, you’ll hear music playing throughout the country. There are different best nightclubs in Bogota where you can easily show your talents. There are a lot of things to do in Bogota at night. You’ll also come to listen to American music, rock, and pop.

Nightlife in Bogota is hella fun. The genre of music you’ll come to know in Colombia depends on which region you are in but just spend 48 hours in Bogota and you will be the fan of this area.

Learn About Coffee

unique things to do in bogota

Colombian coffee is the world’s famous coffee so it would be a shame if you traveled to Colombia and didn’t learn about the process of having such a great coffee. People of the area of Quindío department are mostly interested in coffee in Salento. This is one of the unique things in Bogota.

Go to a Soccer (Football) Match

cool things to do in bogota

If there’s one thing Colombians love, it’s football. They are really passionate and excited about their team. Check out games in Medellin or Bogota. This is probably one of the craziest things to do in Colombia, it’s so much fun.

Check Out The Street Art

unique things to do in bogota

The street art in Bogota is amazing. You can say that the art in the capital of Bogota. Street art is legal in Bogota is a bit of a grey area, but the more beautiful things are murals and politically charged creations on the buildings around the old town. 

Visit a Crazy House

Best Things to Do In Bogota - Explore the Bogota City

During your trip to Bogota, you will definitely gonna stop to see the “Crazy House”. It was built entirely out of clay. No other materials were used in its construction. People call it “the crazy house” because the house was then baked in the sun to set.

Colombia has something for everyone, no matter your travel style. Things to do in Bogota are very diverse and amazing. Bogota is now rising up more and more on travelers. You’ll click upon streets filled with hip new shops and great restaurants.

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