Best Things to do in Tokyo

Things to do in Tokyo

Tokyo is famous for its unique experiences. You will find a hospital-themed restaurant there where you will find a beef shaped in the brain and served inside the jail if cells. You will also find drinking coffee and petting felines go hand in hand at cat restaurant there. This city is famous for its rich cultures and quirky attractions. There are worthy things to do in Tokyo. Of course, I cannot cover each and everything but I tried to cover the best in this article J. Here they are:

Attend a baseball game

things to do in Tokyo- baseball match

Baseball is not only America’s favorite game but Japanese are also so much passionate about it. They do the things little differently, like snacking on edamame or waving umbrellas and having cheerleaders. You should also go and watch the baseball match thee. It is one of the best things to do in Tokyo.

Watch Wrestling at Sumo Stable


You can never understand the intensity of this game until you are personal and close up at sumo wrestling practice to witness the grunting, dripping sweat and panting. These practices are not to attract the viewer’s so while being there show some respect and take it seriously. Although there are other stables to watch wrestling there, I recommend this one.

Bar Hop in Golden Gai

Bar hop

Golden Gai is actually a neighborhood in the Shinjuku ward that squeezes in almost 200 miniature bars into a network of six narrow alleys, made for pedestrians. Spend the bar hopping in the town where drinking holes seat only 8 to 10 people. Tokyo has some places which are included in the most Colorful Places in the world too.

Play a game of Pachinko

play a game of Pachinko

This is a Chinese arcade game. In this game, object fires the ball that will fall through metal pins. Try to capture the balls in the center of the hole. You cannot miss Espace Pachinko parlor. It is one of the most popular places with its clinking and neon flashing balls. It is one of the addictive and fun things to do in Tokyo.

Visit Cat Cafe

things to do in Tokyo


There are many eccentric things to do in Tokyo. Visiting cat cafe is top high rank on that list. Cat café will give you the opportunity to play with a unique breed of cats while having a cup of coffee. It will be worth a spot in things to do in Tokyo. If you like then you can play with hedgehogs in Roppongi

Eat at the themed restaurant

eat at themed restaurant

Alcatraz Eris a themed restaurant where you can eat a plate of beef, shaped like a brain on a floor of jail while having a sip of cocktail from dummy head. If you like cathedral environment, then try Christon café or the Robert restaurant, that will take t=your dinner to the next level.You will get there loud music, Robert fighting, and dancing. You will also get little sushi for dining in if you like.

Walk across Shibuya crossing

things to do in Tokyo

Walking on Shibuya crossing is the most popular visitor’s things to do in Tokyo. It is one of the busiest crosses in the world. It is really fun watching and participating in an organized chaos that results when hundreds of people are walking through this pas. Watch this crossing from the 2nd story of Starbucks for a different perspective. You should walk Shibuya crossing in Kimono for even u unique experience. It is one of the best things to do in Tokyo.

Attend a Tuna auction

Tuna auction

if you need to go to the Tuna auction, then you should wake up early in the morning. this auction takes place in Tsukiji fish market and people start coming there even before 4 am. It is worth watching that how people check fish quality and bidding for the price. Explore Tsukiji market where you can see that how expertly they cut large Tuna into chunks.

Attend a Kabuki theatre show

Kabuki theatre show

Kabuki is unique Japanese theatre where they combine dance, mime, song, makeup and costume design performed solely by men. You can buy single act tickets at Kabuki-za just to get the introduction to the style of theatre.

Participate in a Traditional Japanese Tea ceremony

things to do in Tokyo


Happo en Japanese garden is the best example of natural beauty with its blanket of cherry blossoms and its ancient bonsai. It is a beautiful Japanese garden where you can even schedule a tea party where you will get Matcha in their wooden tea house.

Eat at kill bill Inspiration Restaurant

things to do in Tokyo

Gonpachi restaurant is in Tokyo which is actually inspired by movie Kill Bill. You can easily spot the similarities. You will definitely love the interior and will indulge in the bowl of Soba.

Sing Karaoke

things to do in Tokyo- sing karaoke

What things to do in Tokyo? Karaoke of course. Tokyo has many Karaoke bars where you can go and belt out a few tunes. Karaoke Kan is a well-known bar where Bill Murray’s singing sessions took place in the movie Lost in Translation.

Use all the buttons on the Japanese Toilet

things to do in Tokyo

Here the toilet spot can also be worthy of your things to do in Tokyo. These Japanese flushes are not just simple potty but it’s a spa. It warms the seat for you and cleans your private parts as well. You can experience these toilets in many restaurants, clubs, and bars in Tokyo.

Eat Chankonabe (sumo wrestlers stew)

things to do in Tokyo

It is a nutritious diet that has been consumed by wrestlers on daily basis for bulking up their diet. It is a healthy dish that is high in proteins and low in fats. There are many restaurants in Tokyo that serve Chankonabe and are located close to the stables so that wrestlers can easily approach them. Yoshiba is unique as it is located in the old sumo stable with a sumo ring located in the center of the dining room.

Do a Kimono fitness

things to do in Tokyo- Kimono fitness

Kimono is a Japanese garment that is worn by women on special occasions. There are few places for Kimano in Tokyo but you can find a few while exploring Tokyo.

Eat at the Ramen Museum

Ramen museum

Travel a little out of town and enjoy the flavors of traditional Ramen in Tokyo. It features narrow alleyways with a selection of Ramen restaurants. You will get your tummy full there and will also get the Ramen education.

Buy a Japanese Knife

buy a knife

Japanese knives are known as world best knives due to their quality of steel, keen edges and handmade technique. Being a chef, I cannot leave Tokyo without buying one knife. You will find plenty of knife shops there and also worthy kitchen items there.

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