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The official name of Greece is the Hellenic Republic. Europe has an ancient civilization and this is why it is famous as the Cradle of Western Civilization. If you want to visit your trip for Greece, it is known because of its beaches. While your visit, you will come across passionate music, wonderful cuisine, thrill-seeking and recreational activities. Every year Greece welcomes millions of guest, tourists from all corners of the world. Traveling to Greece is comparatively plain and fast through all transportation means. Commonly used transportation means are by road, plane, train, and sea.About 7% of all the marble is produced in Greece, which is imported by other countries. There are few important tips to travel Greece.

Geography and Climate

tips to travel Greece - climate

Greece occupies an area of area of 50,949 square miles (131,958 square kilometers). It joins its borders with the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, between Albania and Turkey. The country occupies the largest coastline in Europe i.e. 13,676 km due to a variety of islands located there. The country is so rich in natural resources producing petroleum, magnetite, lignite, hydropower, bauxite, and marble, which are exported to the whole world. Athens is the capital of Greece. Greece has zero navigable rivers because of the rocky and uneven soil with mountainous terrain.

Greece has a hot Mediterranean climate, summers are extremely hot when temperatures averaged about 75° F (24° C) in summer, and mild winters which last from November to March. Rainfalls are often of the small period and this is why Greece is popular for its crystal clear, blue sky. Winters bring snow and frost, which cover the mountain peaks. This includes itself in one of the important tips to travel Greece.

Sites to Visit

tips to travel Greece - sites to visit


Due to the vast civilization and numerous historic sights Greece becomes the host of millions of visitors every year. All worth- watching, recreational places are crowded with the number of tourists and also the locals. Sites to visit is a mandatory tip to travel Greece. Following are the most visited sights of Greece.

  • Cape So-union is world known as the site of the ruins of the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon.
  • Athens visited to explore Acropolis which is a mountainous mound rising in the heart of modern Athens and crowned by three magnificent temples.
  • Corfu joint angle of an island that bridges the gap between the Albanian Adriatic coast and the Ionian Sea of Greece, always welcome visitors.
  • Herakles Archaeological Museum, a museum depicting the history of the island Crete, complete with artifacts connecting to the ancient civilizations.
  • Zakynthos, famous for its beaches, which is visited by locals as well as a tourist for relaxation and comfort.
  • Santorini popular for the cliff-top towns of Fira and Oia, which are located on the west coast, dominating the deep, blue sea-filled caldera.
  • Delphi is a well-known historic spot whose ruins show that it was used for worship purposes, and nearby stands the Delphi Museum Archaeological Museum.
  • Hydra, considered as a haven for the stars were famous stars, princesses, top models, fashion designers and the art elite visit and the area is mostly covered with the fans who come from various places.
  • Other top sights to visit Greece are Arcade Highlands, Messinia, Kythera, Knossos, Plaka, Palaiokastritsa, Imerovigli, and Areopagus.

Where to Stay?

tips to travel Greece - where to stay ?

Greece offers plenty of hotels and restaurants for its visitors who come from far places of the world. These hotels try to provide all types of comfort to its guests which include rooms equipped with all facilities, best services, hospitable staff, delicious food, WiFi and more. The hotel ranges from high end to low end and it’s up to you, how you would prefer to stay according to your budget. This is one of the tips to travel Greece.

Diamond Deluxe Hotel is situated near the beach and is 5 km from the old Asclepeion temple and is about 6 km away from the Castle of Neratzia in Kos town. It’s one of the most luxurious hotels in Greece. It has airy rooms with decent decor, WiFi connection, free breakfast, professional staff, 2 restaurants and 3 bars and semi-private pools.

Aqua Blu Boutique Hotel with brilliant services, Pelages Suites Hotel on the beachfront, Blue Lagoon Resort/Mouragio S.A., Imperial Hotel. Grecotel Kos Imperial Hotel is a famously luxurious hotel. Cebu Philippines is another exciting place to visit.


tips to travel Greece - Transportation

To move around in Greece, you can use different means of your choice. Ferries are the most popular transportation. You can use local transport such as metro which is an underground mean of transportation and fast enough. Taxis are largely available in Greece at are reasonably priced according to European standards. Cabs are convenient and found everywhere in Greece which is cheapest mean to explore different places.

In tourist season, you can also get charter flights from abroad straight to the islands or few airports in the mainland. You can book cars from different agencies for private use. All the major towns have local buses but Athens, Patra, Kalamata, and Thessaloniki are the places where you will mostly need to travel using the bus. To ensure your safety always use safe means of transportation and this is one of the important tips to travel Greece.

Safety Tips

tips to travel Greece - Safety tips

While you visit Greece, during your stay, must care about the following safety precautions which are some tips to travel Greece.

  • Avoid going on beaches late at hours.
  • Keep a copy of your passport.
  • Be aware of your valuables.
  • Do not drink too much.
  • Check the weather forecast before you plan to visit any sight of Greece.
  • Don’t forget to click a lot of pictures.

All the tips are mandatory to follow to enjoy your trip and it’ll make your trip memorable and amazing. It’s important for you to take precautions so that you spend a memorable time in Greece. You must be familiar with the above-mentioned tips to travel to Greece. Also, check out the places to visit in Canada. Besides this following these tips to travel Greece will give you peace, freedom and memorable time.


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