Tour to Maui-Enjoy An Exciting & Super Awesome Journey

“Maui n aka oi or Maui is the best” is the most common saying on this island. Many people across the world believe the Maui to be the crown of Hawaiian island. I also agree with it. Maui has beautiful scenery from the volcanic crater to amazing tropical forest. Maui has a wide range of things to do there and amazing eye-catching views. These things also insisted me for a tour to Maui.

Tour to Maui

Former whaling town of Lahaina is the main action spot of Maui. Here you can visit eclectic art galleries and you can shop at the top class boutiques. There are also many golf courses there that give chance to the golfers to play around on this island.

The road to Hanna or Hanna highway offers you a long escape when you take a winding and long road to Hanna. Sunrise at Haleakala is the thing you won’t have to miss during your tour to Maui.

Keep your eyes on the ocean if you arrange your tour to Maui in winters. You will love to see the whale activity at offshore. It is the best thing to do there. Kaanapali is the best location where you can capture these creatures. I also had a best private tour Maui and i really enjoyed.

Maui west coast has many luxury resorts. Need some pampering? You should visit Maui west coast. You can enjoy mother nature at Maui east coast. Lush valleys, waterfalls, and black sand beach. These are the things you can’t resist your tour to Maui.

Maui climate and weather

climate and weather

Maui ranges in elevation from sea level to 10,000 feet. Temperature is near freezing at Haleakala in early morning hours. Maui has a unique weather pattern. Wind, rain, and sun can dramatically shift from one location to the next. Your next destination should be Flores Island because its beauty needs to be praised on the spot and everyone should visit it.

Maui is for everyone


Those who want diversity and variations in activities, Maui is the perfect destination. Diverse landscapes of Maui, will provide you many varieties on your trip and other Maui discount activities. Maui offers you a variety of hiking trails. You can hike in the morning and come back for lomilomi massage in evening before going to the dinner. Fell free to plan a tour to Maui and explore the lovely places.

Tour to Maui-Things to do at Maui

tour to maui

10,023 feet above sea level, Haleakala Crater rises. Haleakala Crater is known as the house of the sun. In  Haleakala National park, you can find this volcanic beauty. This will make your tour to Maui a perfect tour. If you are fascinated with the underwater life than Maui Centre Ocean is the best place to visit. They have a 750,000-gallon aquarium that will definitely impress you. While planning your tour to Maui, its better to read articles or posts on Maui vacation guide or Maui activities deals.

If heaven had a highway then I am sure it would be toward Hanna. It is a 56-mile beautiful journey that will take your heart away. There are coastal areas and incredible waterfalls beyond the Hanna town. 15 min beyond the sleepy town in a bay, you will find the most popular trail that is Pipiwai trail.

Molokini Island is best for those who want to snorkel in Hawaii. It is an ideal place for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Keauhou Bay-Big Island

tour to maui

It is a historical spot in the picturesque Kona district features a harbor with a boat surrounded by dry lava bed. It is a famous fishing spot for tourists and the local people. You can head to Kayak to explore the sea caves and dive of the cliffs into the crystal clear water. This park has showers, restrooms, and picnic tables. It is an awesome spot to spend the day with golf and shopping. This area has free entry.

 Tour to Maui-Maui hiking

tour to maui- hiking Hiking there is a family activity and an excellent way to spend your day and one of the best Maui vacation activities. For hiking, first on the list is Pipiwai Trail, located in north Maui. Your hiking will include incredible sight and lovely forests. You must bring your cameras with you during hiking.

 Sliding Sands Trail is second on the list. You must dress warmly for this hike as it is chilling enough. Prepare yourself for the mouth opening view in the Haleakala volcano. Make sure that you stay on the trail otherwise the native silverswords which grow beside the trail can damage you. 

Third on the list is Waihee Trails. In the north-west Maui, this trail will lead you to up the spine of Waihee Valley. When you reach on top, the view is so beautiful. For comfortable and enjoyable hiking, one should go with the comfortable and proper Hiking Boots so that everything goes with the flow 🙂

Fourth on the list is Waikamoi Ridge Trail. It is located along the Hanna highway. It was the vegetative and lush location that took my breath away. This is a short hike but you can take the extended hike until the picnic point. It is a good hiking trail for families. 

The fifth and last hiking trail are Kuloa Point Trail. It is located beyond Hana at Oheo Gulch. This will take you to an opposite side to Pipiwai trail. I always enjoy watching the local jumps in the pool from the height. Swimming here is risky because of the heavy flow of the pools. Well, these hiking trails will make your tour to Maui the best one.

Maui boat and sailing tour

tour to maui- boat tour

A tour to Maui is actually a trip to paradise and no trip to paradise is complete without sailing. Are you feeling for the need for speed? Get ready for the jump into a rafting adventure. You can also amuse yourself with private yacht charter. Sail into the sunset with your loved ones will give you the best feeling.

Tour to Maui-Dinner cruise

tour to maui

Epic experience Maui and have a dinner cruise.You need to relax and want to enjoy the best dinner? Then get ready for the cruise dinner. You can enjoy the lavish dinner with the beautiful scenery and make your tour to Maui the best one. It could be your best experience.

Maui fishing tour will make your tour to Maui the best one

tour to maui- Fishing tour

There are lots of free activities in Maui.One of them is fishing tour.If you love fishing then make a tour to Maui. You can either go alone or with your friends or family. You will definitely love to spend a day at Maui water for fishing. Sport fishing lovers can get tuna or marlin. For the bottom, fishing expects trevally, shark, barracuda and more. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the best fishing tale in your trip to Maui. Cebu Philippines is also a place to be checked out once. I would prefer you to visit it once and you would not regret it.

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