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TrackR is a device which helps us to find our lost things, devices, and belongings. The commercial key finder is one of the easiest and simplest way to find lost things out. It was founded eight years back in 2009. The private type device TrackR was made by Chris Herbert and Christian Smith and the headquarters are located in Santa Barbara, California, United States Of America.

How to Use?

TrackR- How to use?

The simplest way to find our misplaced items is TrackR. The process to use is also easy and convenient for the users. You have to press the button on your TrackR, your phone will start to ring even if you are habitual of keeping your phone on silent even then it‘ll ring. You can track from different devices as well. If you are a distance from missing item, the crowd locate a network of TrackR will give you the last location of missing item on your map.

Follow the simple steps to find out the lost item.

  • Download the app from google play store on your phone.
  • Remove the battery from your device and insert it again after 20 to 25 seconds.
  • Open the TrackR App.
  • Press NEXT and select the menu.
  • Then choose the Track R (either its bravo or wallet etc.) which you are going to pair up with your phone.
  • When you see the option of “ACTIVATE YOUR TrackR”, press the button of your device and then choose “PAIR”.
  • At the end, select the option which is suitable and matching your TrackR on.


This is an innovative idea which uses Bluetooth and GPS technology and because of this, you’ll be able to get your lost things in seconds. Phone, keys, wallets, and bags etc. can get back in no time.

TrackR bravo

TrackR- Bravo

Some specifications of the device are here for your convenience. One should know about them as well:

The shape of the device is: circular blue tooth device

Diameter of the device is: 31 mm

Thickness of the device is: 3.5 mm

It has the range of up to 100 feet

GPS type of the device: Crowd GPS

It also has a Bluetooth: 4.0 (50% less energy than classic)

Battery of TrackR: Removable CR 1602 (ONE YEAR WARRANTY)

Price: $29.99

These are some of the important things about the device.

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TrackR sticker

TrackR- Sticker

The sticker of the TrackR has some features too to be noticed. They are as following:

Shape of the sticker of the device is: Circular Bluetooth device

Diameter of the sticker: 25 mm

Its thickness is: 5 mm

Battery life of it: CR 2016 (LIFETIME)

Material used for the sticker is: black shiny plastic

Price: $24.95

TrackR wallet

TrackR- Wallet

Now, the specifications of the wallet of TrackR is:

Shape: Rectangular thin Bluetooth device

Dimensions: 65*40*4 mm

Battery: CR 2016 (2 years lifetime)

Price: $29.95

Idea and Development

TrackR- idea and development

The idea came up in mind of Chris who is the founder of this device, when he was on a journey to the Pacific Ocean and he was about to lost his car because he lost his keys. Then the idea came up to his find to make something which assists us in finding out our misplaced items. They appeared in a business competition and won. They invented the useful device back in 2009.

Working of TrackR device

TRackR- working of TrackR

Within 100 feet of range, the device helps you to detect your lost things like your pets, phone, and keys etc. These three devices (bravo, sticker, wallet) use, crowd GPS. It works when low-energy Bluetooth connected to your smartphone which will use TrackR app which you have to install from Google play store in your mobiles. The device has a button on it, which is called Bluetooth button. When you’ll press the button, you’ll get a tone which will have the intensity of 85db from your lost device and with that tone, you’ll be able to get your lost item back and if the lost item is away from the range then the technology of CROWD GPS comes for assistance and action.

This technology will help the user to get access to the location using TrackR app.You’ll automatically get the message of location on your mobile phone. Bluetooth uses low power so it consumes less power. The installed device in your phone is responsible for measuring the distance between your smartphone and lost the device. It also checks and analyzes the signal status of received signals. Your handset is able to sense and detect trackr within the range of 10 meters.

Trackr is such an amazing app which works efficiently by broadcasting a specific ID connecting Bluetooth when device energy level is low. Using this Bluetooth connection, the handset will be able to locate and calculate the distance by identifying signal strength. Whenever your device is in range, the handset will provide and calculate the approximate distance to the device. But be assured that it will work only when the device is in a specific range.

Pixels of Track R device

TrackR- Pixels

Battery used in this device is: CR 2016 (replaceable)

Battery time for the device is: one year (Maximum)

Bluetooth used in the device are: Bluetooth low energy 4.0

Bluetooth Maximum Range: 100ft

Range of Crowd Location: World Wide

Ringer Volume Intensity: 90 dB (Maximum)

Hope TrackR will help you find all the lost keys and stuff of yours. Also, read this:

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