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Traveling to Europe is always an adventure and also a dream for many. Civilization in Europe has been around for many years and some of the buildings date back around 2000 years, especially in cities like Rome. Europe is home to some of the greatest cities in the world like London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome, Berlin, Lisbon and much more. Also, the connectivity between these cities is seamless despite them being in different countries. And not to forget Europe has one of the best scenic beauty places and a variety of delicious cuisines. Here’s a list of 20 things that can help you travel cheap in Europe.

20 Tips to save money & Travel Cheap in Europe

So here are a few tips for you to make an affordable and reasonable trip to Europe & enjoy every bit of it.

Hack #1: Travel during the offseason

travel cheap in europe - travel durng off season

Normally November to March is considered as low season in Europe. The prices are reasonable across Europe this period and the flight tickets are cheap as well. Avoid traveling during summer. During summer, Prices are at their highest, everything is booked up, the cities are uncomfortably crowded and all of the locals are on holidays. So traveling during the offseason is a pretty clever idea if you want to travel cheap in Europe and enjoy everything.

#2: Use Public Transport

travel cheap in europe -use public transport

Instead of traveling with private cabs, use public transport (Metro Bus service) which is cheaper and well maintained all across Europe. Use public transport pass which is cheaper than single tickets. Also, try walking as much as possible, it’s gonna save you some good cash & also it’s good for health.

#3: Ridesharing

travel cheap in europe - blabla car

Try using BlaBlaCar which is a convenient and cheap traveling option. As long distance ride sharing is becoming very popular in Europe. 

#4: Travel with Friend or partner

Traveling in Europe is still not as solo travel-friendly as lots of hotels charge supplements for single travelers which is expensive. If you want to save your money so it’s better to travel with friend or partner as the cost of the double room is almost the same as the single room. Also, you can pretty much share the expense on everything & have a comfortable & nice trip to Europe.

#5: Take night trains

travel cheap in europe - take night trains

Consider making longer connections by overnight train. The trains traversing during the night are comparatively cheap and time-saving. There are lots of sleeper trains between major cities in Europe as they are very comfortable and convenient and everybody can afford it. You can take an advantage of Deutsche Bahn’s excellent Spar Night promo fares where you can go from Amsterdam to Copenhagen for around €27-€47 range. While packing your bag, try not to forget, keeping the important Gadgets with you.

#6: Fly with stopover

travel cheap in europe - fly with stop over

Instead of flying directly to Europe try taking a flight which has a stopover in between your route. The flight prices are generally cheap compared to non-stop flights. You can save a little from this trick and can travel cheap in Europe.

#7: Rent bikes

travel cheap in europe - rent bikes

.Use bikes as it is very cheap in countries like Poland, Hungary, and Amsterdam. Bikes can be hired almost all across Europe and there are even dedicated bike lanes. In cities like Amsterdam, the number of bikes is twice the number of cars. So you can enjoy all the beautiful locations on a bike and the best part about it is that you’re a master on your bike. You can stop at any place without having to take permission or disturbing other people as compared to local transport.

#8: Save on foreign currency exchange

travel cheap in europe - save on foreign country exchange

Cash withdrawals abroad can be a bit expensive with banks charging a commission fee. It is advisable to withdraw a larger sum of money at once so that you are not charged frequently. This is also a great way of saving money & travel cheaply in Europe.

#9: Try street food

travel cheap in europe - try street food

Street food in Europe is not just delicious but also cheap compared to the restaurants. Also, you get to try the local cuisines. Not only you get to enjoy the traditions and tastes of the Europe streets buts also you can have quality time with your friends or even alone.

#10: Stay at city outskirts

travel cheap in europe - stay in outskirts

Instead of staying downtown where the hotels are expensive, try finding a hotel on the outskirts which will be quite cheaper comparatively & this way also plays a good role in your cheap travel in Europe.

#11: Travel in a group

travel cheap in europe -travel in a group

Traveling in groups makes the traveling costs a lot cheaper than individual travels. You can divide expense and can enjoy with all of your friends. Traveling in a group makes it more fun to try new things, visiting new places &  make everlasting memories.

#12: Tourist information point

travel cheap in europe - stop by a tourist information center

After arriving in a new city make sure you stop by the tourism bureau for discounts, free maps, and cost-free events. This trick can give you some free things and you’ll be able to save some extra cash.

#13: Live like locals

travel cheap in europe - live like locals

Look out for Happy Hours in pubs and watch local sports matches which are often free. Try Cultural chameleons drink tea in England, beer in Prague, red wine in France, and white wine on the Rhine. Also, try eating fish in Portugal and reindeer in Norway. Going with the local specialties gets you the best quality and service for the best price. It is a great way to travel cheap in Europe. Also look for the Belgium travel guide.

#14: Rent an Apartment

travel cheap in europe - rent an apartment

If you are a single traveler you can rent an apartment instead of Hotel’s room as it will be expensive for you. Try to rent those apartments that have a shop at the local outdoor market so you can cook your meals to save money. To travel cheap in Europe it’s a good hack to live like locals and save some money.

#15: Free trip to Museums

travel cheap in europe - free trip to museum

Entry to state-run museums in the UK is free of charge for people of all ages, while in Italy, families can take their kids under 18 for free to state-run museums like the Uffizi. In Paris, plan your trip around the first Sunday of the month when all the main museums have free entry. Even Berlin has free entry in some museums while others have free entry on certain days and hours. It’s a great way to explore different histories of the continent with the facility of cheap travel in Europe.

#16: Shop cheaply

travel cheap in europe - shop cheaply

Do your shopping mostly in the cheaper countries where gifts are more interesting and your shopping bill stretches the farthest. The difference is actually quite significant. You would definitely need to try this on your trip to make your travel cheap in Europe and other continents too.

#17: Hitching

travel cheap in europe -hitching

Hitching is quite common in Europe and the best way to travel for cheap and you don’t need to pay for it. Millions of people now hitching rides with complete strangers on a monthly basis. This is how you can save your Money & travel cheap in Europe.

#18: Try Flix bus’s Interflix Euro Bus Pass 

travel cheap in europe - use public transport

If you want to see as much of Europe as possible at a low price then try Flix bus’s Interfix Euro Bus pass for just €98 which is probably the best deal in bus travel. Get the pass From Bus station as it is valid for 3 months and this pass allows you to pick 5 direct routes from their 200,00 daily connections to over 1,100 destinations in 24 European countries. So you could visit Paris-Amsterdam/Amsterdam-Berlin/Berlin-Munich/Munich-Milan/Milan-Rome and much more with this pass. It’s the best deal if you want to travel cheap in Europe.

#19: Rome in August

travel cheap in europe -rome in august

Traveling across Europe is very cheap especially over longer distances. In August, take an advantage of cheaper rates in cities like Rome. Try to travel Rome in August as its far cheaper than other months.To get the best fares, book and plan your trip far in advantage as possible.

#20: Don’t stay for too long

travel cheap in europe - dont stay for too long

A couple of weeks should be enough to travel most of Europe with a couple of days in every major country. Don’t stay for a long time and visit every place over and over again.

It’s a wrap for our list of 20 Ways to Travel Cheap In Europe. Hope now you have a lot of ideas on how you can make your travel cheap and enjoy every bit of it.


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