Top 10 Under 20 Entrepreneurs Who Built Successful Businesses

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It takes patience, struggle, skill and determination to build a successful business. Many people think that they would start their business after their graduation. An entrepreneur is a person who starts a business. They produce innovations in a product or service and follow it as their business goal. Some of the people in the world are so talented and skilled that they decide to build their own business at a young age. Despite being young, these people are so determined towards their aim that they follow their ambition and earn million and millions of dollars. Here is a list of some of 10 under 20 entrepreneurs who are successful businessmen.

Jason Li

under 20 entrepreneurs-Jason Li


Creativity gives the best by using the mind on the right thing and this is shown by one of these under 20 entrepreneurs. At the very young age of 15 years, Jason became the founder of an electronic company named, iReTron. He started his company in his own bedroom by taking a loan from his father. This company takes old electronic materials from the people and renovate it by making it all new and then sells to the customers for a profit. His company is known as Jason Electronics (Pte) Ltd (JEPL). So he earned a place on the list of under 20 entrepreneurs with the successful businesses.

David Wilkinson

under 20 entrepreneurs-David Wilkinson

Passion and hobbies combine sometimes with the hard work and then pays off as it does with these under 20 entrepreneurs. This boy is known as an internet entrepreneur at the age of 14 years. He was a video game nerd and now he is an online entrepreneur. He has his own website named, in which he guides people about different skills such as how to turn the Internet into money- making the machine. Besides this, he also owns Zi Media.

Nick D’Aloisio

under 20 entrepreneurs- Nick D'Aloisio

Sometimes you just need some confidence to become a successful business person with the skills you acquire. At 15, Nick D’Alosio was given confidence by Horizon Ventures and many investors to develop a summarization app that creates summaries of news articles specially designed for iPhone. In his early twenties, a multinational corporation acquired his company. Not only this but a few years later Yahoo also purchased his company. Both these companies made him a millionaire.

Catherine Cook

under 20 entrepreneurs- Catherine Cook

The number of social sites in the world has increased very much. The founders of these sites are earning millions and millions of dollars. Among these Catherine Cook is also a well-known founder of one of these sites which is the third largest social site in the US. MyYearbook was the site which he founded along with her brother. They earned a total of about $17 million for the site. Soon they will get on the track to earn billions. You just need to find a track which is best for you and no one can stop you to become as successful as these under 20 entrepreneurs.

Robert Nay

under 20 entrepreneurs- Robert Nay

Advanced game applications are coming nowadays to beat the old ones. Robert Nay is a name in introducing an amazing game application named Bubble Ball, which has beaten Angry Birds to take the pole position in the iTunes app store. In the very first week of its publication, it received almost 1 million downloads. Many of the IT companies are expressing interest in buying his creations. At the age of 14 years, he has contributed a lot in the world of technology. According to CNN, Nay learned everything which he needed from a public library and then was successful in inventing the game.

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Lenna Archer

under 20 entrepreneurs- Leanna Archer

It is believed that young children learn from their elders just like Lenna learned a recipe for an all-natural hair product from her grandmother when she was only 8 years old. In the beginning, she sold the product for free but now she sells hair and skin products worldwide, these include cleansing masks, lotion, hair treatment products, shampoos, conditioners and many other things. She is the CEO of the company Leanna’s Essentials now and also her company has been recognized by many of the business publications. She has also started the Lenna Archer Education Foundation to build schools for underprivileged children.

Jeffrey Owen Hanson

under 20 entrepreneurs- Jeffrey Owen Hanson

He is the boy who is filled with a lot of adversity with great talent. He had some problem with his nervous system so he underwent chemotherapy when he was only 12 years old. At the same time, he realized that he has talent in arts. His mom gets him note cards to paint with watercolors. The visitors who came at their place brings their sympathies due to his nervous problems and they get sad to see him but Jeffrey cheers them up with his awesome paintings. Day by day his artistic talent became more noticeable and one day he handed his painting to Elton John who was a part of “Make A Wish Foundation”. After this, he received a high number of clients and now he is 18 and he still paints for a living.

Daniel Schlessinger

under 20 entrepreneurs- Daniel Schlesinger

Daniel was 18 years old when he noticed that his lips and hands are getting dry especially during the winter months. He tried many ways to remove the dryness and used many products too but there was no improvement. But when he was not able to find a suitable cure for the dryness he decided to make his own product by applying over 50 different formulas and finally got the desired product. Now, due to his FixMySkin product, he gets almost $60,000 dollars yearly.

Kristopher Tate

under 20 entrepreneurs- Kristopher Tate

Kristopher is well known for his website on the internet known as It is one of the most successful websites on the internet and Kristopher owns it at a very young age of 20 years. His hard work and creativity have added him in successful to be included in the list of under 20 entrepreneurs. Due to this website, people can upload their pictures and can even tag them to their friends.This website is well known for its speed, efficiency, and accuracy and it is one of the best websites due to which people get connected with each other.

Gloson Teh

under 20 entrepreneurs- Gloson Teh

Gloson is well-known poet. He is only 12 years old boy who writes funny poetry that makes everyone giggle. His poetry is read and praised by a number of people. He is also running a blog where he gives tips on poetry. Nowadays he is also trending in music, photography and filmmaking.

Children are genius these days. They know how to use things and how to be creative and yeah! how to make money. Just like these small under 20 entrepreneurs who have used their creativity and skills and are now the Successful businessmen.

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