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You need to drill your wall but you may worry about hitting any pipe inside the wall. Now your wait is over, Walabot 3D image sensor is the way of getting rid of all your worries.

Walabot 3D image sensor is a device that you can easily plug into your android phones and then it makes you able to see through the objects, walls, and other opaque materials. It actually gives the Xray vision of what is inside the wall. Walabot 3D image sensor has the abilities like it can sense and detect the motion of several objects and people. We are still continuing to uncover new uses from monitoring, liquid analysis and breathing to multiple people tracking.

The Initial concept of The Walabot 3D image sensor is that it build a platform where you can easily access the expensive technology in cheap cost. Mobile phones are coming up with high-resolution cameras but they make you able to see under the wall but this device connects to your phone and makes you able to see inside.

Short history of Walabot 3D image sensor

It was actually developed to see human tissues and detect various types of cancer. After wards, it was developed by Vayyar Imaging Ltd to see through walls and other opaque objects for the ease of workers. It let you watch many things on your walls like pipes, wires or any movies.


Walabot is available at different prices according to packages and Features. Walabot DIY is available for approx $99.90. In Walabot DIY you are given all the equipment and you just have to adjust them yourself. Walabot starter pack is for $149, Walabot creator pack is for 299$ and Walabot developer pack for 599$. With 14 days money back Guarantee.

Price - Walabot 3D image Sensor


Types of Walabot 3D image sensor

Walabot 3D image sensor has basically 3 types. The Starter kit is actually the sensor that can easily fit on any smart phone but it has limited capabilities. Creator pack is upgraded up to 12 antenna array which is capable of tracking inside the wall and can measure the depth. This pack contains up-to 18 antennae array that makes us see through walls with high fidelity and many other functions

This above-mentioned table includes the specifications of different types of the Walabot 3D imaging sensor.

These 3 works on Linux, Windows, and RPI.

types - Walabot 3D image Sensor

Working on Walabot 3d image sensor

Firstly grab Walabot 3D image sensor and download the walabot app from play store and connect this device to your phone via USB port. Now hold it against the wall and it will let you see inside the wall. It is a programmable 3d image sensor that is perfect for electronic projects. Either you are new to this work or professional or hobbyist, Walabot 3D image sensor will help you work easily and open up all the possibilities.

It uses radio waves to discover what is inside the wall. Its software development kit contains imaging capabilities that make us able to see through. This gadget connects to the back of your phone so that sensor will work with your android phone and gives you a clear picture. It also works with Windows, IOS and Linux.


Who can find Walabot 3D image sensor beneficial?

According to Shane McGlaun workers or DIYers who need to work inside their house or building but they have fear of hitting something important like wiring or pipeline inside the wall can use this gadget. It is really beneficial for them and it’s working is also very easy.

A new device has landed called Walaboy DIY whose aim is to make DIY’s fearless of working.

It also tracks the movement of the wall or opaque object.

What Walabot 3D image sensor app delivers

According to Gizmodo, this app gives you information about what has been detected, its representation, orientation, how far it is and its depth.

Walabot 3D image sensor uses radio waves to detect what is inside the wall and it uses RF Radar to create and see the wall.

Walabot App - Walabot 3D image Sensor

What is inside the box of Walabot 3D Image Sensor

Box of Walabot contains: Walabot sensor, Micro USB cable, Magnetic Disc, Protective plastic sheet and Manual Instructions.


Walabot is designed to connect to your phone where you can see what is inside the wall. It can penetrate up to 4 inches and even show the movements and locate plastics, stud, wires, and pipes etc. it is easy to use and has created a lot of ease for workers. It has cons like currently, it is only working with Android phones running Marshmallow, nougat, Lollipop and micro USB. But it is working on a solution to connect with other phones as well. The Website shows that they are currently working on connection problems on IOS.

Walabot is clumsy and an expensive tool. According to few people Walabot 3D image sensor did not locate the exact location of pipes, wiring etc inside the wall and a house worker may need this tool but a professional may never need it.

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