world's most underrated beaches

All of us want to take a break from our daily hectic routine and go on a recreational vacation for spending some quality time. To give a perfect sense of relaxation to your vacation beaches are the most comfortable destinations. Following are the secret and world’s most underrated beaches which should be visited for endless enjoyment and a memorable stay.

10 World’s Most Underrated Beaches

Koh Lanta, Thailand

world's most underrated beaches

Koh Lanta is the calmest, quiet and culturally rich place. This beach boasts mesmerizing scenery and colorful crucibles of cultures. Koh Lanta is mostly visited by the visitors who are seeking a holiday away from parties and crowds. People enjoy walking on the beach while watching the sunset, drinking, and dancing. It is counted as one of the most romantic beaches in the world; a candlelight dinner under the stars is something you should never miss.
Koh Lanta does not have roads connecting it directly to the mainland but is served by car ferries, followed by “ferry” signs. Ferries usually operate from 07:00-22:00.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

world's most underrated beaches - cannon beach

Cannon Beach is a small coastal city in northwest Oregon. It’s known for its long, sandy shore. Make sure you walk out to the Monolith and observe colorful tide pools and diverse bird life, it is better than Seaside’s more crowded feeling and larger than towns like Depot which feel as though they struggle to provide anything for someone to keep occupied. Even though in very hot weather, the water remains surprisingly cool.

Cannon Beach is filled with quality stores and restaurants and is kept well maintained with beautiful flowers. The rock formations are hard to describe but will leave a memorable imprint when you recall your visit. It is a great place for campfires, flying kites, football, walking, running, playing with the dog, enjoying family and having a picnic at a calm and comfortable place. Beaches of Batangas can also be a beautiful destination for your trip.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

world's most underrated beaches-jacksonville beach

Jacksonville Beach is a coastal resort city in Duval County, Florida, United States. With plenty of beachfront and walking-distance accommodations, the beach is a quick and easy escape from the hectic routine. Jacksonville offers a range of activities including water sports, relaxation, nightlife, and family fun. You can enjoy a nice leisurely walk with all types of people enjoying their day at the beach. There is a variety of restaurants to choose from as well.
If you are looking for a quick beach getaway and not wanting to travel far, then Jacksonville Beach is a good option. The beach is beautiful and clean, summer is less crowded than the winter. There are lots of activities for singles, couples, and families in the area. The hotels and restaurants here are inexpensive and casual. It is beautiful in the morning watching the sunrise.

Second Beach, Washington

world's most underrated beaches- second beach

Second Beach is a series of three beaches near the community of La Push, Washington, on the Pacific coast of the United States. The beach’s most prominent natural growth is the Sitka, spruce, and evergreen trees that populate the shore. Nice 15-20 minutes hike through green and lush rainforest leads you to the beautiful Second Beach. Totally exposed to the weather you can walk at low tide for hours and simply enjoy and relax. The hike is easy to moderate. Hiking through the tall trees and climbing over the huge driftwood logs to the open beach is a really unique experience.
Be sure and research the tides so you can be there at low tide. It has sandy beaches that you don’t usually find in Washington and the driftwood you find is pretty cool. The view of the ocean is quite stunning. The top Belize beaches are also a sort of joy.

West Bay in Roatan, Honduras

world's most underrated beaches-west bay

West Bay is what many consider the picture-perfect Caribbean destination: white sand, clear, calm waters and full-service resorts. It is great for snorkeling, scuba diving, relaxing, swimming, and having an all-around great time. Water is crystal clear and there is coral as close as 10 feet off the beach near the Grand Roatan Resort. All you need is a snorkel gear and you are feet away from the shore to encounter the second largest coral reef in the world.

The entire area is clean and well kept. The beach is lined with bars and restaurants and sports rentals. Events and specials happen daily with nightly events as well. It has tons of wildlife to see and lots of good places to eat along the beach at reasonable prices. Each May, Roatan’s West Bay Beach hosts an international free-diving competition, bringing together the world’s most competitive for the Caribbean Cup.

Ibo Island, Mozambique

world's most underrated beaches-ibo island

Next on the list of world’s most underrated beaches is IBO Island. Ibo is one of the Quirimbas Islands in the Indian Ocean off northern Mozambique. The destination is often overlooked in Africa due to the more famous wildlife scene on the continent. Ibo Island in Mozambique is a beautiful archipelago consisting of coral islands, rich in biodiversity and culture. you will forget all your troubles in the shade while you sip champagne then don your mask to snorkel nearby.
The best time to visit is during a clear, moonlit night when the old colonial houses take on a haunting, almost surreal aspect. You will get the best food with a strong influence of Indian, African, Arab and Persian cultures.

Siesta Key, Florida

world's most underrated beaches-siesta key

Siesta Key is a barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Sarasota, Florida. The white sands of Siesta Beach never disappoint. The sand is amazing, white and soft and never gets hot under your feet and the water is crystal clear. Beautiful views of the Gulf and the waves are gentle enough for family swimming.
It is not crazy crowded like a public beach. It also provides good parking option, bathrooms, and restaurants at walking distance, you can get free transportation by trolley or cars. July is the perfect month to visit here and you can enjoy shopping nearby.

Curacao, Caribbean sea

world's most underrated beaches- curacao

Curacao is a wonderful island in the Caribbean Sea, located in the Kingdom of Netherlands. This island provides one of the best harbors in the West Indies. Curacao Island is the home to over 3 dozen beaches. Visitors can enjoy many water sports, walks, diving, underwater exploration and divine food at this calm and comfortable island.

 It is also a gateway to western beaches like shady Blue Bay beach which is popular for its diving site. Everywhere on this island, you will find clear water to swim, relax and a wide range of fish.

Hua Hin, Thailand

world's most underrated beaches-hua hin

Hua Hin is an amazingly beautiful beach on the Gulf of Thailand. This beach is lovely, affordable and accessible but you need to be careful about the high rocks there. Visitors enjoy long walks along this stretch of quite clean white sand beach. The water of this beach is not crystal clean but really nice to swim in.

You will not see any young, rowdy crowds as like other beaches. This place is a delightful mixture of cultural and natural sites both along the coast and further inland. You will get the best seafood on the restaurants nearby.

Cumberland Island, Georgia

world's most underrated beaches-cucumberland

It is Georgia’s largest barrier island and one of America’s most pristine seaside regions. It is one of the wildly untouched beaches of the world and you will find many wild horses openly roaming on the beaches. Visitors can enjoy ferry rides and averagely 300 visitors visit here per day.

The sand dunes and white beaches are pure and untouched, the water is clear for swimming and activities but no lifeguards are present there, so be careful before you swim. You can enjoy hiking, sunbathing and other fun activities. For some unique sort of adventure, just the loneliest places on Earth.

Thanks for reading our list of top 10 world’s most underrated beaches.


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